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Wheel Library v2.0

Updated: Mar 1

Do you have spare wheels to help us re-build our Wheel Library?

The Wheel Library was a brilliant community resource that allowed folks to try a range of wheels and find the ones that suit them, before purchase.

Sadly, just before the end of 2021, our Wheel Library was stolen and has not been recovered. While it is annoying that it was taken, we also feel sadness for the desperate individual who took it.

Thanks to huge support for our shop and classes in January 2022, we are ready to start re-building the Wheel Library.

If you would like to help, keep reading!

We are looking for the following wheels for our Wheel Library, so if you have a set of 8 wheels that are spare, then please send them to us! To say thank you for donating your wheels, we will give you a gift voucher worth 50% of the wheels’ cost (valued when they were new). For example, if you sent us a set of 8 Grindstone Smokeshow Wheels, purchased for £80, we will give you a gift voucher for £40.

Wheel condition:

We would be delighted to accept lightly used wheels that are no longer useful to you. They should be a complete set of 8, and not be altered from the original manufactured wheel. Wheels should be clean (please give them a wash if needed!) and surfaces and edges smooth, not worn away. Wheel decals tend to wear off quite quickly, but we would expect to see some wheels showing a complete decal on the outside. We do not require original packaging. We will value wheels as the current retail price. We only require one of each wheel type, so as we fill the wheel library, the list below will be updated.

Tell us about your wheels:

If you have a set of wheels that are unloved, please make sure they fit our criteria above. We are only accepting wheels that we stock. Check the list below.

Drop an email to , with Wheel Library in the subject line, and tell us which wheels you’d like to send to us. We will let you know if we still need those wheels and how to proceed. Please do not send wheels without a reply from us! You will need to pay the postage for wheels you’re sending in.

Wheels we need:

Soft Wheels: 78A – 84A

· Moxi outdoor / Gummy 78A - already have

· Sims Snakes Indoor / Outdoor 78A

· Atom Pulse 78A

· Radar Energy 57mm 78A

· Radar Energy 62mm 78A - already have

· Radar Energy 65mm 78A

· Chaya Neons 78A - already have

· Clouds Nebula Light up 80A

Medium Wheels: 85A – 94A

· Komplex Ghibli 93A - already have

· Luminous 85A - already have

· GrindStone SmokeShow

· Moxi Fundae - already have

· Sonar Zen 85A

Hard Wheels: 95A +

· Medallion 96A - already have

· Sure Grip Velvet 99A - already have

· CIB Park / Vertex / Street

· Moxi Trick

· Estrojen Bowl Bombers

· Roller Bones Team Wheels - already have

· Riedell Riva 57mm - already have

· Reidell Varsity / Varsity Plus

· Luminous HARD 97A or 100A

· Wildbones Spicy Ivey - already have

· Wildbones SkateWytch - already have

Thank you for helping us rebuild our Wheel Library. While it will be most useful for folks living locally to Leeds, we will bring it with us when we visit other places in the UK!

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