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Which pads should I buy?

It's a minefield isn't it. You just bought your new skates, having agonised over which skates are right for you, the size, the material... and then you realised it's not 'natural' and in fact you do need some protective gear.

Falling hurts - at any age - but the longer you've spent NOT falling, the more of a shock it is. You hit the ground surprisingly fast, with no reaction time. It takes time for your body to learn how to relax on roller skates, so for us, protective pads are important! In fact, we often suggest to new skaters to buy their protective gear first - save time searching for a matching set by wearing your own.

The different sets of pads we offer at Roller Girl Gang, have, like everything else, been tried and tested by our team for longevity, comfort and style. We also choose products based on how easily we can maintain our stock - nothing worse than finding out a new product we have chosen is discontinued!

Here's a video to tell you how to put pads on, as well as share the differences between them.

Generally: REKD - offer light protection, however if you are used to no protection, they will feel adequate! Sizing is on the not generous side and XL is only available in black.

Moxi x 187 - offer good protection, suitable for very anxious skaters or those who may need additional protection. Cute colours and available in all colourways up to XXL.

S1 Gen 4 Knee Pads - very high level of protection with slimmer technology than the 187 equivalent pro knee.

Covert pads - incidental only protection. For more confident / experienced skaters as a 'just in case'

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