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Register now to join the RGG Virtual Skate Marathon and begin your virtual journey around England and Wales, visiting skate communities along the route.


Take a look at the marathon website here:


You'll need to register on the site AND purchase this item for full access - please note, this is not an automated progress but we will work to process your order as quickly as we can


Whilst the distance may seem a bit daunting (over 1500Km) your team mates tracked distance will be added to yours to help you  progress along the route.

We are charging a fee of £10 to take part in the challenge - this helps support our new skate space, The skate Sanctuary, and keep meet ups and roll outs affordable for our local skaters.


You'll receive a medal towards the end of the challenge to open when you/ your team gets to the distance you want to achieve (it's just for fun - open it when you want!)


As this marathon goes further than we ever have been before, we'll be putting you in teams to help you get as far as you can. You'll be able to see your individual progress as well as receive update emails on your teams progress.  Skate whenever, wherever, and take however long you need. Pick a goal that suits you - you've got until the end of September 2024 to do your best. Track your distance here and share your successes in our Facebook Group.


Disclaimer: Many of the places / routes aren't actually skateable... so pick a great skate spot near you and start recording your distance!



2024 Virtual Marathon Access


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