CIB x Reckless Wheels

CIB x Reckless Wheels


The two companies have drawn on their shared experiences of park, ramp and street skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby skating and skateboarding, combining their design with a special formula that minimises your chance of flat spots.

Street Wheels: Smaller for faster acceleration and perfect for all types of terrain and general skating.  55mm / 98A

Park Wheels: If you're looking for the smoothest ride and the perfect balance between grip and slip these are the ones for you! 58mm / 98A

Ramp Wheels: If you're looking for a speed boost, to slide further, to get bigger air, or just generally skate harder then the ramp wheels have you covered. 58mm / 101A


Take your skating to new heights with the all NEW CIB Reckless Wheels designed specifically for aggressive roller skating

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