Disco Plugz

Disco Plugz


Brand new in the UK, Disco Plugz are the in between step when you are changing from a toe stop to a dance or jam plug. They are availble with both imperial and metric thread types to fit all plates!  Imperial threads are used by most manufacturers in the USA (Riedell, Sure Grip) and UK, while Metric threads are favoured by European brands (Roll Line and Rookie).


Lots of our skaters are concerned when skating without a toe stop for the first time, as muscle memory makes your legs operate as though the toe stop is there! With a tiny jam plug, many skaters fall a lot. Disco Plugz are designed to be screwed right in, so protect the plate and floor from damage, while you get used to stopping in a different way. 


As a brand new product, we are sure to see creativity in the way they are used too.


Approx. dimensions :

Diameter - 40mm

Thread length - 20mm

Depth of plug - 14mm

Thread type
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