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DIY Pivot Cup Polymorph


Enough polymorph plastic to make yourself a couple of sets of pivot cups!  Pivot cups are required to keep the pivot arm rotating smoothly in the plate.  Without this essential piece of rubber or plastic, the pivot arm can be ground away!  You willl know when it's time to replace when you check for a hole, or hear a metallic sound.



To use polymorph, simply heat it in boiling water and shape.

We recommed using a pea sized amount, fashion it into a ball and pop it in the plate.  Quickly push your truck into the polymorph so it forms the correct shape. Wait for it to cool (it cools quickly) and finish reassembling your plate.


Should you use too much / too little, simply reheat the polymorph in boiling water.


Please ensure you take care when you retrieve the polymorph from boiling water.


It is transparent when malleable and opaque when set.

DIY Pivot Cup Polymorph