Grindstone Deadstops

Grindstone Deadstops


Pack of 2!

All the way from Austin, TX, the Grindstone Skate Society HeartStoppers in deadstop rubber give skaters more controlled stops with less slide!  Slip no more running out of bowls + have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls and dead stops.

Heart shaped roller skate toe stops in their patented design. ;) short stem 17 mm + long stem 1.25"


Sadly, Heartstopper toe stops are NOT compatible with Impala Roller Skates or other roller skates that use bolt on toe stops. They are also not compatible with any metric components. Don't forget to add @grindstone__ Post, tag, and hashtag us #grindstoneskatesociety with your Heartstopper photos placements! Then keep your peepers peeled on instagram for freebies, discounts, and featured skaters + their set ups.

Stem length
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