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These fit plates with adjustable stoppers only with adjustable 5/8" plates. Brands include Moxi, Powerdyne, Luna, Moonlight roller skates, Chaya and Rookie.


They will NOT FIT Roll Line plates, STD, Golden Horse (choose Metric) or Impala (bolt-on style) toe stops.


All Jammerz products are made from high quality acrylic, hand machined and polished to perfection.


Clear / coloured styles £18

Swirlz styles £23

Lighted styles £30


The clear acrylic will protect your plates from damage.  These are not made to stop on, and the hard material may cause damage to softer wooden floors.  Skaters using Jammerz should be confident to skate without toe stops.

Jammerz IMPERIAL 5/8"

SKU: 10032479
PriceFrom £13.50