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Choose the wheel according to the surface you will be skating on for maximum control.

All wheels are 57mm diameter, so it is possible to mix and match wheels. Wheels come in boxes of 8.

We have used these wheels outdoors on polished concrete (or another very smooth surface that is intended specifically for skating.)


Please contact us for a mix and match set. (£10 extra for a bespoke set)


Artistic Freestyle Wheels Komplex Ghibli.

  • Diameter 57mm. Hardness SA96
  • Polyurethane cast wheel, Formula Komplex
  • Hub shockproof, rigid thermoplastic material.
  • polyurethane treat.
  • Medium profile.



Please note the 'softness' rating of these wheels is relative to artistic roller skating wheels, rather than the durometer rating.  For non-artistic skaters, the harder wheel feels more slippery than a softer wheel on the same floor.


Lilac - Extra Soft 88A recommended surface: Slippery parquet, Very slippery varnished wood, particularly slippery plastic surfaces


Peach - Supersoft 90A recommended surface: Slippery parquet, Very slippery varnished wood


Mint - Soft 93A - recommended surface: Slippery parquet, Slippery wood


Yellow - Medium 96A recommended surface:Non-slippery wood


Blue - Hard 98A recommended surface: Irregular or rough concrete

Komplex Ghibli Freestyle Wheels

PriceFrom £74.99
Wheel Hardness

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