Roller skate cushions

Roller skate cushions


Colourful cushions of different hardness and shape to fit most roller skate plates.


Cylindrical cushions provide stability, while conical cushions make lateral movements easier.Hard cushions mean your gear won't move, while softer cushions will provide more rebound.


These are sold as a pack of 4 and are all barrel shaped cushions.

One roller skate requires 4 cushions, so you will need 2 packs to change cushions on both skates.


These cushions will fit most basic plates.  If you have a higher end plate, eg. Avanti, Reactor, Pilot - you will need a shaped cushion to fit.


Cushions are fun to experiement with as they really change up the ride and responsiveness of your skates, very cheaply!

We suggest you do some testing of your own to find out what combination you like for the type of skating you do.

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