Twinkle Toes Toe Stops

Twinkle Toes Toe Stops

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Rollerstuff have made their Twinkle Toe toe stops from a natural rubber compound designed for a high level performance on various surfaces.

High abrasion resistance contributes to a longer lasting toe stop. 

The star-shaped design is 100% original and was sculpted by Abbey Roadkill out of clay.

The shape is slightly curved, with the thickest part of the toe stop in the middle as this point is designed to make first contact with the ground.
Each point is tapered off 2-3 mm from the inside to outside so these parts are higher from the ground.

The stem is 20mm anodised aluminium, which is between short (17mm) and long (30mm).  The thread is a standard imperial thread only for plates that fit adjustable toe stops.

Twinkle toes suggest you lightly grease the toe stop stem before installing to prevent cross-threading and your toe stop from being stuck! 
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