We are excited to announce a new project to support getting more people rolling. It is a long term goal of ours to lower the barriers to access roller skating as much as possible and thanks to a Sport England grant as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund, we have an amazing opportunity to help

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Why are roller skates so expensive?

We know that this is a pricey activity, but we also know that good quality equipment is not cheap. We want folks to invest in better quality equipment that lasts longer and provides a better skate experience and we select the brands we stock carefully. For folks wanting to try out roller skating before they invest, we offer hire skates. However, the way to make the most progress is to own your equipment.


We knew we could do more, but how?

Many folks offered to donate their old roller skates when they were upgrading their kit, and we have now got a fairly good collection to get started with.

Our project intends to benefit as many people as possible.


What will we do?

If you choose to donate your old roller skates to us, we will service and replace parts as required to make them safe to use and prolong their life.

We will determine a price for them - the majority of our roller skates will be £10 - 80, but some may cost more, depending on the parts we need to replace and the quality and condition of the skates.

We will then photograph and catalogue all the donations we receive as well as keep a record of the price they are sold for.


Our pre-loved skate collection will only be available in-store.


Maintaining a roller skate listing for every single pair is a big task that we don't want to invest time in. We think it is more important that you check skates out in person and make sure they fit, as we will not accept returns for any reason on pre-loved skates.


95% of the money used to purchase the skates will be reinvested into purchasing brand new roller skates for underprivileged women. We are delighted to have Rookie roller skates as partners in our project. The other 5% is to cover card processing and other fees.


With the money raised from pre-loved skate sales, we will buy brand new roller skates and gift them to women attending our Roll Forward Project sessions.


Why are our beneficiaries women?

Roller Girl Gang are here to empower and uplift all genders, particularly women, who still in 2022 experience a wage gap and do the majority of caring responsibility in the home. We will run sessions for specific target groups and eligible participants will have the chance to receive new roller skates, based on attendance over time. Beneficiaries will need to meet criteria, including attendance and postcode area linked to our award in the first instance. We are working with a compliance officer, to ensure that the way we select beneficiaries is as transparent as possible. This work is ongoing. We define women as anyone who considers their gender to be female.


Donate your old roller skates


How can you help?

If you have an old pair of roller skates that you would like to donate to our project, please drop them off at our Corn Exchange Shop, and let the staff know they are for the Roll Forward Project.

You can also spread the word to non-skating friends looking for low cost equipment.

We are sorry that we cannot pay postage towards any donated equipment.

Buy pre-loved roller skates

How do I get a pair of pre-loved roller skates?

You can contact us first and let us know what size roller skates you are looking for, or pop into store if you are in Leeds city centre. We are not able to reserve any roller skates that have not been paid for. Stock levels may change quickly! All gender identities are welcome to purchase roller skates from us - you'll just have to pop in and see if we have something you want. We need you to be certain that you are 100% happy with any pre-loved roller skate purchase, as they are sold as seen. We will not be accepting any exchanges or refunds for any reason.


In order for these skates to get to the people who need them the most, we will not allow individuals to bulk buy pre-loved skates.