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Rotherham Uplift Waiver

This agreement releases Roller Girl Gang CIC from all liability to injuries that may occur during roller skating. By signing this agreement, I agree for myself, or on behalf of a child under 18, to hold Roller Girl Gang CIC entirely free from liability, including financial responsibility from injuries incurred, regardless of how injuries are caused.
● I acknowledge the risks involved while roller skating. These include, but are not limited to: scrapes, cuts, bruises, broken bones and head injuries. I am participating of my own free will and have read and agree to abide by the safety rules. I do not have any existing medical conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while roller skating.
● I declare I undertake roller skating at my own risk and do not hold Roller Girl Gang, it's staff or volunteers liable for any accident or injury that may occur.
● I declare that I am fit enough to skate and will notify the RGG team of any reason which may affect my ability to skate
● I consent to being given emergency first aid should this be required during my roller skating session I understand that my personal belongings are my responsibility at all times. Roller Girl Gang CIC cannot be held responsible for any lost, missing or damaged items. I authorise Roller Girl Gang CIC to use photographs or videos of myself or my children, without compensation.

Participant Details:

To be completed if Participant is Under 18

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