Roller Girl Gang are a group of ordinary humans, who learned to roller skate as alternative exercise, as a dare, or because a friend wanted company at a class.  We discovered a whole new lifestyle!  Our gang are the amazing, unrecognised everyday heroes, mothers, wives, workers, carers and more.  We skate because we love it and it makes us feel great. We aren't interested in competitions, just in lifting each other up. Everyone is welcome to skate with us - got skates?  You're already part of our gang.


It became our mission to spread the far-reaching effects of roller skating - increased confidence, increased physical activity and mental wellbeing, to name a few - to as many people as possible, so our company is a Community Interest Company. We aren't interested in huge profits, just in spreading the skate love.

Our team of instructors all learned to roller skate as adults so completely understand the journey you are on.  Between us we have experience of roller derby, rolling in the skate park, outdoor and street skating, and rhythm roller dance.  We find ways to fit roller skating into our busy lives, as we love the feeling being on 8 wheels brings.

In 2020, Roller Girl Gang won a small business award.  We are proud to be recognised for our services to roller skating and look forward to continuing to support our growing community from our new base in Leeds Corn Exchange.  Find our store among the other independent retailers on the ground level.  Chat to us about any skate-related questions you may have - we will happily share our preferences!

We provide so much more than just roller skates.  

Karen, Ronke, Jen and Melissa

Meet our Instructor Team

Our instructors are hand picked roller skaters, who we feel can support your roller skating journey. 


We aim to be the world's okayest roller skaters, with a good working knowledge of different roller skate disciplines and are able to break down skills into smaller chunks to practise.  We will alsoways be honest about what we know, and will direct you to people who may have more specialist knowledge if this is what you are looking for.

Our instructor training is lengthy and robust, with safety at the heart of everything we do.

We hope you can make it to a class, workshop or event sometime!

We also invite guests to deliver workshops (as often as possible!)

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