Frequently asked questions

Product Recommendations and Sizing

What size skates should I get?

We suggest you measure your feet standing up in millimetres to get the most accurate measurement. Measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe. Measure the width of your foot at the widest point. If your foot is wider than 9.5cm, many brands suggest that you size up, even if the length is correct. We feel this is true for Rookie Artistics, Luna and Moxi roller skates. Moonlight roller skates are more generous in the toe and you shouldn’t need to size up.

What skates do you recommend?

We really think the best value for money are the Rookie Artistic boots. We suggest these should last you for a couple of years, although you may want to make wheel upgrades in this time. If you can stretch a little more, the Luna skates are extremely well built and have some features that more expensive skates do not have. Expect a little break in time with these roller skates, but they should be relatively comfortable straight away. For a more in depth analysis of the skates we stock - check out this blog post

What size slide blocks should I get?

If you know the plate or brand of roller skates, there may be a quick size guide to support you. Most plates have the size printed on them. Moxi Beach Bunny / Ivy / Panther roller skates have the plate size embossed under the outer heel wheels. If your plate is not listed, you need to measure the inside face of the kingpins to work out the space in millimetres of the mounting bar you will need. Once you have this measurement, for example, 72mm, check the size guidance for the slide block you are looking for. If your skate has a reactor style of kingpin, you will need a lowrider style of blox. In our opinion, CIB slide blocks and DIscoblox have very similar shape of the sliding surface. Wildbones have a different shape and the bones are spaced slightly further apart, which may make them *slightly* more stable for users. We suggest that sliding in the skate park is an intermediate / advanced skill and users should have a good understanding of skate park fundamentals first.

What size skate plate should I get?

For a standard mount, which is considered the most stable, the plate should fit the boot as closely from heel - toe as possible. A few millimetres short is fine at both ends. The plate should not stick out from the boot. The plate length does not equate to the boot size for most brands, apart from Powerdyne / Riedell. For example, a Sure Grip Avanti size 4 plate would not fit a size 4 boot. Please check individual size guides or ask for support on plate sizing. A short or dance mount, is one size shorter than the standard mount. This will feel less stable than the standard mount, as the heel wheel is further under your heel, making it easier to fall backwards. However, you have increased agility from this type of mount. We suggest this is for more experienced roller skaters, however you will need to allow yourself time to adjust.

Which toe stops/ jam plugs will fit my skates?

Please see this blog post for more information. If you have a bolt-on or bell shaped toe stop, you need to look for 5/16” bolt-on styles. If you have a thicker screw in type of toe stop, it will usually be an imperial 5 / 8” thread type. Less frequently, there are metric thicker stem screw in toe stops. In our experience, imperial toe stops will usually fit these, but be cautious, in case the threads become misaligned.

Classes/ MeetUps

Do you have any spaces in classes available?

During lockdown, all our classes are online. We are currently offering sessions on weekday evenings to suit all levels of roller skater. Due to the nature of small space teaching and learning, some classes are not suitable for online tuition. Instead, we offer tutorials via the members’ section of the website and our blog.

What classes do you do?

We teach general roller skate skills and then more specialist ones. If you have never roller skated before, we suggest you start with our Fundamentals course, which covers all aspects of roller skating that we think you need to know as a minimum. Following this, you will have enough skills to think about the roller skate journey you may wish to continue with. At Roller Girl Gang, we cover general skills and like to do a little bit of everything. We can teach you fundamental or intermediate level for most disciplines, and advanced for some. If you want to specialise we can point you in the direction of people who can support you.

General roller skate skills Advanced Roller Dance Advanced Skate park Advanced Artistic Advanced Roller derby Advanced Street Skating Advanced General Roller skate skills Intermediate Roller Dance Intermediate Skate park Intermediate Artistic Intermediate Roller Derby Intermediate Street Skating intermediate General Roller skate skills improver Roller Dance Fundamentals Skate park Fundamentals Artistic Fundamentals Roller Derby Fundamentals Street Skating Fundamentals Roller Skate Fundamental Skills

Can I have a 1-2-1 skate lesson?

We look forward to offering 1:1 or small group sessions when we are allowed to. Where possible, we will meet outside, as room hire is not included in our fee. We suggest meeting when the weather is good!

Where can I skate?

When you are starting out, basketball courts or tennis courts offer suitable flat ground. You may also want to find a covered car park, with suitable smooth tarmac. Within Yorkshire, where our community shares spaces for roller skating, we have put these on a highlight on our Instagram page. @roller_girl_gang

Are you doing any children's/beginner classes?

At the moment, our Roller Skate Fundamentals courses are aimed at adult beginners. We hope to be able to secure teaching space to be able to expand our offer to include family groups and children in the future.

Orders and Communication

What does Pre-order mean?

We sometimes offer pre-order products so that you can secure yourself a pair of roller skates before they have arrived at the shop. We do our best to update the website listing according to information that has been provided by the manufacturer, however it is only an estimated delivery date, not a definite one. We recognise how frustrating it can be to have a long wait for roller skates, so do our best to strike a balance between opening the pre-order with a short (around a month maximum we hope) estimated delivery date. We are keen to avoid the stressful 6 month waits of 2020, however we are operating a in a pandemic, and unfortunately it is an unpredictable situation. When you place your pre-order, we will use the contact details you provide to get in touch and update you with any news about the skate delivery. This includes any delays or news about the roller skates’ journey to us. If you need roller skates for a specific deadline, we suggest you do not purchase pre-order roller skates.

How long will my order take to arrive?

For products that are in stock in the shop, we aim to dispatch within 48 hours, although usually it is less. Please note that this does not include weekends, as Royal Mail do not collect from us at the weekend. Sometimes we find that the product you have ordered is not in stock. This is usually because there have been customers change their minds or an exchanged product. We are working to improve our inventory system all the time so there are fewer errors. We use Royal Mail’s tracked 48 service to send most of our orders within the UK. The delivery estimate is 2-3 working days, but occasionally, they may take longer. Their service is outside of our control, however if you have a tracking number and no package after 5 working days, please contact us.

Why haven’t you replied to my message yet?

We have many channels of communication, including Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, emails and the chat feature on our website. We do our best to reply to messages within our working hours in 48 hours. If your message is about an existing order you have just placed and we have not yet sent and it is urgent (for example, you put the wrong house number) please email us and put MISTAKE + your order number in the subject line. We prioritise these emails when we scan emails before we pack orders. If your message is about anything else shop related, for example you would like to return / exchange something in your order, or you’d like us or order something in, please email us at and include your order number if you have one. If you would like information about classes / workshops / events / parties, please email us at . It is currently one person responding to all your queries, and we thank you for your patience.


Do you have a physical store I can visit?

Our physical shop is located in Leeds City Centre in the Corn Exchange Shopping Centre. We look forward to welcoming you after lockdown.

What are your opening hours?

Our shop is open: Monday 10am - 5pm Tuesday closed Wednesday 10am - 5pm Thursday 10am - 5pm Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 11am - 4pm During lockdown, the shop is open for limited hours for collections. We will send you a pick up email when your order is ready. We are not allowed to have you in store. Thank you for understanding. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am - 5pm

Skate Stock Levels and Arrival Times

How long will Moxi Skates take to arrive in store?

Moxi Lolly- Very tricky to say! We are sorry! The Riedell factory is still working on the huge number of orders placed from May 2020. Since September 2020, small numbers of Lolly skates have been trickling through. Riedell USA are taking no further orders for Moxi until the worldwide backlog is cleared. We just trust that the factory are making these and they will arrive. The majority of the stock that was ordered by Riedell UK has been pre-sold, and no further orders for Moxi can be placed. We have removed all skates from our pre-order listing and instead will list skates as 'in stock' as and when we have them. Moxi Beach Bunny - The majority of the colours and sizes are in stock in the UK. We keep a small selection of popular colours and sizes at the shop for immediate dispatch. Should we need to order your skates from the UK warehouse, there will be a small delay of 2-3 days extra. So it may be 5-7 days for you to receive your order. Moxi Panther / Ivy - Most of the 2020 pre-orders have now arrived. The main shipment of Panther skates from China has been delayed a number of times, and is now due to land at Riedell UK after Easter.
Moxi Rainbow Rider - Much of the stock at Riedell UK warehouse has been sold. We have a limited selection of skates in stock at the shop for immediate dispatch. We do not know when the UK will receive further stock at the moment.

How long will Riedell Skates take to arrive in store?

Riedell USA are taking orders for Riedell boots, including ColorLab, and we have been given estimated production of 10-12 weeks from order confirmation. Once we finalise an order with you, unless it is a boot we are waiting to stock, you will not be able to return or exchange this unless faulty. We require a deposit of 50% of the boot when your order is confirmed. You can decide if you wish to pay 100% when your order is confirmed, or pay the balance when your boot arrives and is ready to ship.

How long will Moonlight Skates take to arrive in store?

Moonlight - We are working with Moonlight USA to secure more regular shipments of roller skates. They have advised that they still have pre-order customers who have been waiting since September 2020, and will prioritise those customers. We are sorry that we are not taking any pre-orders for Moonlight Roller Skates.

How long will Luna Skates take to arrive in store?

Following a delay in the shipment arriving from Germany, the Luna skates have arrived in mid-March and rolled straight out of store again. We are sorry that we are unable to take any pre-orders for Luna Skates.

How long will Rookie Skates take to arrive in store?

Rookie - Out of the range of Rookie Skates available, we stock the Rookie Artistic roller skate and the entry level Rookie Magic trainer style roller skate. At the moment, we replenish stock weekly from the UK Roookie warehouse, as required. Some sizes are no longer available at the warehouse. We are not able to take pre-orders for any Rookie Skates.

How long will Bont Skates take to arrive in store?

Bont - Bont report continued delays with manufacturing and shipping. If you would like Bont boots, please get in touch, and we can check available stock levels for you at Bont Europe.

How long will Chaya Skates take to arrive in store?

Chaya - We hope to stock some Chaya skates, due to the pandemic and problems with shipping, Chaya have increased their prices. It is also difficult to obtain all the Chaya sizes.

What about other brands? Do you stock those?

Others - We only stock roller skates we love and have tested. We cannot test all the roller skates available, and there are plenty of online retailers, so we are sure you will be able to find a pair that suit your style and budget somewhere.
We see ourselves as part of the larger jigsaw of shops supporting the large roller skate community that has formed during lockdown.

Can you build me some cool looking shoe skates?

We are really happy to build shoe skates or re-mount plates and skate boots. You'd need to order the plate mounting service though, and then send your boots through to the shop address. Currently please allow 3 - 4 weeks for boot mounting and them to be returned. (Assuming everything required is in stock). It is important you book this service in with Mel BEFORE ordering.

Shoe skates: It's important the shoes are brand new, and we recommend half a size - one size too big. We have to get up close and personal with your shoes, and inserting the aluminium innersole also means that the shoe will feel smaller when you get it back.
Please note that due to the aluminium innersole, you will be able to feel the screws protruding into the footbed of your shoe, and we recommend an extra innersole to minimise the feel of them. A custom shoe build is not the same as a purpose build skate boot!

It's up to you if you'd like a new plate or if you have one that needs re-mounting. Please send the whole plate though - trucks and all - as we always test shoe skates alignment and balance before returning them to you.
Rough cost of a shoe skate build: Cost of your shoe Plate Mounting Service £60 Plate eg. Sunlite £69.95 Wheels eg. Radar Energy 2 x £27.95 Bearings eg. Rollerbones £29.50 Toe stop eg. Grindstone £30

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