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  • What is the Skate Sanctuary?
    The Skate Sanctuary is a roller skate studio and shop will be a community hub and provide a base for Roller Girl Gang to carry out its activities. From practise space to parties, craft to classes, The Skate Sanctuary aims to make roller skating even more accessible. ​ For the skate curious to seasoned skaters, our beautiful studio located just outside Leeds city centre, will offer sessions for all. ​ Follow us on our social media for latest updates. @rgg.skate.sanctuary on Instagram
  • When is the Skate Sanctuary Opening?
    Roller Girl Gang shop in the Skate Sanctuary at Mabgate Mills will be opening on Monday 20th May The studio space will have a soft launch and classes/ studio time will be added to our events calendar. 1-2-1s/ private skate tuitions and skate parties will be available to book soon. To enquire email
  • What's happening with the classes at Ramgarhia?
    Sunday Classes and FNS sessions at Ramgarhia will continue as usual for now. The Skate Sanctuary studio space will be used for skate practice and a wider range of smaller classes as well as holding skate parties. We'd love to hear about what types of classes you'd like to see in our new space - why not drop us an email?
  • How can I book to come to the skate sanctuary?
    Check out our classes and events page to book onto a session. Private skate sessions, 1-2-1s and parties will be available to book on our website soon, to enquire email
  • Can I hire the studio/ space for my event?
    The studio space will be available for private events run/ facilitated by us such as parties, team building events and 1-2-1 coaching sessions soon We are also looking to open the space to non RGG teaching - including non skate-related skills subject to the appropriate insurance being held by the instructor. To enquire about this please email
  • Who typically comes to your classes?
    Our classes are mostly aimed at adults and teenagers 17 and over who must attend with a responsible adult. We are proud that our space is safe for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category and for all our classes a respect policy is in place. The majority of our customers are women over 25 who are returning to skating after a long absence or are learning for the first time.
  • I can't go to class now, can I get a refund?"
    You WILL be able to receive a refund for a class or event you have booked and can no longer attend, providing you let us know more than 24 hours in advance of the class start time, by email to: We can also transfer your booking (if you prefer), subject to availability. This also require least 24 hours notice in advance of the class start time. Please note we will not refund or reschedule your ticket should you tell us using social media DMs / messages. We are sorry that if your circumstances change with less than 24 hours to go to the session start time we are unable to refund or reschedule your ticket, however you can pass it on or sell it privately.
  • What classes do you do?
    We teach general roller skate skills and then more specialist ones such as roller dance. All classes are available for booking individually, and we usually open booking at least 2 weeks in advance. At Roller Girl Gang, we cover general skills and like to do a little bit of everything. We can teach you fundamental or intermediate level for most disciplines, and advanced for some. If you want to specialise we can point you in the direction of people who can support you. Please check the Classes and Events section to see our current class schedule If you aren't sure which class to book, please find the session you are interested in, select "click to book" and then "read more" to view a detailed description
  • Are you doing any children's/ teen sessions ?
    Roller Girl Gang are currently running Family Friendly sessions for adults and children at Ramgarhia Sports centre monthly: Family Friendly Session - for all ages 4pm -5.30pm last Sunday of the month only Our family session is for all ages, but those under 17 need to have a responsible adult present, either on or off skates. Our marshalls will help you get started rolling if you are new to skating. There is a part of the hall for practising and moving slowly, the rest of the hall is set out as a rink. If you would like to learn how to do a specific skate skill you can ask our marshall team. Please note, however, that our team needs to look after all the skaters in the session so they'll give you a few quick tips for you to try out on your own. Skate hire is available for this session. The Skate Sanctuary will have more sessions that are suitable for all ages however, please note that all under 17s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Can I have a 1-2-1 skate lesson?
    Private skate sessions will be coming to the Skate sanctuary soon - watch this space or enquire at Or, why not try one of our regular classes or try our beginners online training course
  • I need to contact you urgently about a class or event happening soon, how do I do this?
    You can contact our events team at If you have received a ticket for the event, this is your confirmation that you have a space at the session. If your query is regarding a cancellation within 24 hrs of the session start, we are not able to refund or reschedule your session as per our terms and conditions. If you have emailed the team at and have not received a response yet, we aim to respond to you within 48 hours - don't worry we'll get back to you.
  • Can I bring someone to watch me skate/ spectate?
    This depends on the venue and type of session you want to attend: Sunday Classes: Spectators are not allowed at Sunday classes. Learning a new skill is hard and our participants may be feeling vulnerable. We want our classes to be a safe space, so only skaters, coaches and marshalls are allowed. If you have a carer who is non-skating and wish for them to attend a session with you, please contact us on so that we can support you. Friday night Social (FNS): There is currently no provision for spectators at FNS at the moment as we need to keep a close eye on the numbers of people in the hall and there isn't a safe "barriered space" for non-skaters to watch from. On busy nights we just don't have the capacity for non-skaters to be in the room as this will reduce the number of skaters who can come. Special Events: Our Corn Exchange and Skate Picnic events both have cheap spectator options available - please buy a ticket so that we can keep track of who is onsite. Other events will clearly state whether spectators can attend. Rollouts: As our rollouts are in a public place, anyone can join them. We would respectfully ask that non-skaters are mindful of giving space to our skaters, as many of our events welcome beginners who may not be able to stop/ swerve quickly.
  • Why wasn't I asked for my skate size when buying a ticket?
    To improve our booking experience, we have changed the way that sessions at the Ramgarhia Sports Hall book skate hire. Now, all you need to do is buy a ticket that includes the hire price. When you get to the session, the member of RGG team in skate hire will get you the correct size - Skate hire up to UK size 15 is available, however this is allocated on a first come first served basis only. For all other sessions, you will continue to need to book a separate skate hire ticket to ensure that we have a pairs of skates set aside for you.
  • I can't book a session because the payment button is greyed out
    Due to the way our ticketing system works, you must fill in all the required information fields on each of the tickets you are purchasing including skate hire Click on each ticket drop-down (as circled below) and fill in all fields, this should allow you to proceed
  • Do you have any discounts available? - skating is expensive!
    Sorry, due to high operating costs (such as room hire, coaches, insurance and PRS) we are unable to offer free or discounted tickets.  You are most welcome to come to the Friday Night Social, where folks come to practise, chat and roller skate.  We are currently not running any free sessions, so this is the most affordable option at £10 for 2.5 hours. Our Sunday classes are £13 per 1.5 hours. The beginner classes do sell out quickly as learning to skate is a very popular activity, although sometimes places become available should someone cancel, do keep checking the site for places  Alternatively we now offer a number of membership options which offers a significant discount to session fees.  Please see this page for more information If you can already skate you can also reduce the cost of skating with us by becoming a volunteer marshall or skate coach with us - more info here
  • What is a meet-up?
    A meet-up is an informal gathering in a public space. We are offering meet-ups on weekdays when public parks, tennis courts and skate parks are likely to be quieter to use. At a meet-up, expect a little music, a good deal of chatting, and definitely some skating. A big part of our work is around lowering the barriers to roller skating, and we hope that by offering meet-ups, we can support more people to lead an active lifestyle. This is an opportunity to meet and skate with others, outdoors. If you want to skate with others, or want more confidence or to practise your skills with others, then please come along. This session is a meet up so we will remain at the advertised venue for the duration of the session time. The time of outdoor meet-ups will change according to daylight and the seasons! You'll need all your own gear - skates, any protective gear and a drink. Light levels of coaching as part of the session hosted by Mel. This isn't a fully coached class, but Mel will have a speaker and may lead a bit of dancing. Weather - Due to the glorious British Weather this session may need to be cancelled at short notice. If we have to cancel we'll give as much notice as possible and offer refunds to the value of the ticket price. If the session looks like it's going to go ahead but the conditions at the location aren't suitable/ there is some freak weather that stops the session last minute then we'll either look for an alternative or we'll go somewhere for a coffee/ chat instead This year, our rollouts and meetups are ticketed to reflect the time it takes to research, organise and run these sessions. We have tried to keep the cost reasonable for participants but also cover the costs so that we can hopefully look to run more of these sessions in the local area in the future Annual and Monthly Skate pass holders with an active membership get free tickets to this event. Gangster crew member get 50% off these types of sessions Click here to see pricing details and benefits of becoming a skate pass or gangster member. All identities and wheels are welcome. Participants must ensure they are both well enough to skate and have the skills to skate in the location where the meetup is being held. If at any point you do not feel able to skate to the required standard, we recommend you remove your skates. This action is at your discretion and you must not rely on a team member to tell you to do so. All identities and wheels are welcome.
  • Where can I skate?
    When you are starting out, basketball courts or tennis courts offer suitable flat ground. You may also want to find a covered car park, with suitable smooth tarmac. Within Yorkshire, where our community shares spaces for roller skating, we have put these on a highlight on our Instagram page. @roller_girl_gang We have recently written a blog post on this subject - check it out
  • Where can I learn to roller skate in Leeds?
    We are currently running a number of roller skate sessions with and without skate coach support Full information about the sessions are in the event details on the 'classes & events' page. If you are looking for general info about skating in Leeds, see our blog post
  • Can I book a party with you?
    Roller Girl Gang are pleased to be able to offer new private hire services - Now you can hire skates from us to have a roller skate party of your own in your own venue or you can hire the Ramgarhia Sports Hall with Head Coach Mel with free skate hire on Thursdays 6pm - 7pm You'll get up to 35 skaters for a one-hour time slot, in a sports hall with our head coach Mel. This is a private hire session, so you may have skaters of any age within your session. The session time is Thursday 6-7pm. You can book these services directly online : Private Hire Roller Skate Session You can hire up to 50 pairs of skates in multiples of 10 in a variety of popular UK shoe sizes, Protective equipment, including helmets and padding is included in the price on request. Please note: The party package only includes roller skate hire, it does not include Skate Marshalls, Skate Coaching or any insurance you may need for your party or event. We strongly recommend that you purchase or investigate your insurance needs before purchasing skate Hire Skate Hire skates will need to be collected from and returned to the RGG shop at the Leeds Corn Exchange (or Ramgarhia Leisure Centre, Leeds) depending on equipment and staff availability. Delivery of Hire Skates is not available. This is available to book online: Skate Hire Party package If you are a school, charity or corporate customer and wish to hold a larger scale event, we do have limited availability start here for details
  • Can I hire Skates from you?
    Roller Girl Gang are pleased to be able to offer a new Party Package - Now you can hire skates from us to have a roller skate party of your own! ​ You can hire up to 50 pairs of skates in multiples of 10 in a variety of popular UK shoe sizes, Protective equipment, including helmets and padding is included in the price on request. You can also hire skates at most of our sessions - please ensure that you purchase a ticket that state either that the skates of your size are included, or you purchase a ticket that states that skate hire is included.
  • How long will custom Riedell Skates take to arrive in store?
    Riedell USA are taking orders for Riedell boots, including ColorLab, and we have been given estimated production of 10-12 weeks. Once we finalise an order with you, unless it is a boot we are waiting to stock, you will not be able to return or exchange this unless faulty. We require a deposit of 50% of the boot when your order is confirmed. You can decide if you wish to pay 100% when your order is confirmed, or pay the balance when your boot arrives and is ready to ship. We have been informed that due to difficulties with getting stock, some models are taking up to 6 months to become available. Please send an enquiry to for Riedell skates and we will let you know for that model of boot.
  • How long will Bont Skates take to arrive in store?
    Bont - Bont report continued delays with manufacturing and shipping. If you would like Bont boots, please get in touch on or via WhatsApp on +44 7479 430404, and we can check available stock levels for you at Bont Europe.
  • I can't see the skates I want on the website - can you order them for me?
    We only stock roller skates we love and have tested. We cannot test all the roller skates available, and there are plenty of online retailers, so we are sure you will be able to find a pair that suit your style and budget somewhere. We see ourselves as part of the larger jigsaw of shops supporting the large roller skate community that has formed during lockdown. If you want a size that is currently out of stock, please get in touch with us via our shop WhatsApp number +44 7479 430404 so we can let you know our next order date.
  • Can you build me some cool looking shoe skates?
    We are really happy to build shoe skates or re-mount plates and skate boots. You'd need to order the plate mounting service though, and then send your boots through to the shop address. Currently please allow 3 - 4 weeks for boot mounting and them to be returned. (Assuming everything required is in stock). It is important you book this service in with the shop team BEFORE ordering. Shoe skates: It's important the shoes are brand new, and we recommend half a size - one size too big. We have to get up close and personal with your shoes, and inserting the aluminium innersole also means that the shoe will feel smaller when you get it back. Please note that due to the aluminium innersole, you will be able to feel the screws protruding into the footbed of your shoe, and we recommend an extra innersole to minimise the feel of them. A custom shoe build is not the same as a purpose build skate boot! It's up to you if you'd like a new plate or if you have one that needs re-mounting. Please send the whole plate though - trucks and all - as we always test shoe skates alignment and balance before returning them to you. Rough cost of a shoe skate build: Cost of your shoe Plate Mounting Service £60 Plate eg. Sunlite £69.95 Wheels eg. Radar Energy 2 x £27.95 Bearings eg. Rollerbones £29.50 Toe stop eg. Grindstone £30 If you would like to chat with us about this service/ help you put a package together for you please book a Custom build consultation
  • What size skates should I get?
    We suggest you measure your feet standing up in millimetres to get the most accurate measurement. Measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe. Measure the width of your foot at the widest point. If your foot is wider than 9.5cm, many brands suggest that you size up, even if the length is correct.
  • What skates do you recommend?
    check out this blog post
  • Which wheels do you recommend?
    We have recently published a blog post with some commonly asked questions about wheels. This is to help you understand how the size, shape and wheel hardness affect the ride. The surface you are skating on and the body shape of the skater will also have an effect. In it's most simplistic form - where and how do you roller skate? If you like to mostly just skate about outside, with occasional disco trips, then you will likely be happy with a 78A wheel. You may want a light up one? If you mostly like to skate in the skate park, rink or derby track, and already have some experience, you probably won't be reading this!
  • What size slide blocks should I get?
    If you know the plate or brand of roller skates, there may be a quick size guide to support you. Most plates have the size printed on them. Moxi Beach Bunny / Ivy / Panther roller skates have the plate size embossed under the outer heel wheels. If your plate is not listed, you need to measure the inside face of the kingpins to work out the space in millimetres of the mounting bar you will need. Once you have this measurement, for example, 72mm, check the size guidance for the slide block you are looking for. If your skate has a reactor style of kingpin, you will need a lowrider style of blox. In our opinion, CIB slide blocks and DIscoblox have very similar shape of the sliding surface. Wildbones have a different shape and the bones are spaced slightly further apart, which may make them *slightly* more stable for users. We suggest that sliding in the skate park is an intermediate / advanced skill and users should have a good understanding of skate park fundamentals first. For more info please check out this blog post
  • What size skate plate should I get?
    For a standard mount, which is considered the most stable, the plate should fit the boot as closely from heel - toe as possible. A few millimetres short is fine at both ends. The plate should not stick out from the boot. The plate length does not equate to the boot size for most brands, apart from Powerdyne / Riedell. For example, a Sure Grip Avanti size 4 plate would not fit a size 4 boot. Please check individual size guides or ask for support on plate sizing. A short or dance mount, is one size shorter than the standard mount. This will feel less stable than the standard mount, as the heel wheel is further under your heel, making it easier to fall backwards. However, you have increased agility from this type of mount. We suggest this is for more experienced roller skaters, however you will need to allow yourself time to adjust.
  • Which toe stops/ jam plugs will fit my skates?
    Please see this blog post for more information. If you have a bolt-on or bell shaped toe stop, you need to look for 5/16” bolt-on styles. If you have a thicker screw in type of toe stop, it will usually be an imperial 5 / 8” thread type. Less frequently, there are metric thicker stem screw in toe stops. In our experience, imperial toe stops will usually fit these, but be cautious, in case the threads become misaligned.
  • Can you fix/ replace or upgrade a part on my skates?
    Yes! We offer a wide range of shop services, including changing plates, fault finding and servicing. For a full list of what we offer and how to book please see this page
  • What does Pre-order mean?
    In 2020 we were offering pre-orders for some roller skates, as there is simply too much size and colour choice for us to choose what you would like. Although we tried a few different times, with different manufacturers, the situation ended up being the same each time - estimated delivery dates were all missed, we all got a bit fed up, some customers cancelled their orders and things got very messy in our order book. We will not be offering pre-orders for roller skates that we routinely stock Should you want a custom roller skate, it will always be a pre-order.
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    For products that are in stock in the shop, we aim to dispatch within 48 hours, although usually it is less. Please note that this does not include weekends, as Royal Mail do not collect from us at the weekend. Sometimes we find that the product you have ordered is not in stock. This is usually because there have been customers change their minds or an exchanged product. We are working to improve our inventory system all the time so there are fewer errors. We use Royal Mail’s tracked 48 service to send most of our orders within the UK. The delivery estimate is 2-3 working days, but occasionally, they may take longer. Their service is outside of our control, however if you have a tracking number and no package after 5 working days, please contact us.
  • Why haven’t you replied to my message yet?
    We have many channels of communication, including Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, emails and the chat feature on our website. We do our best to reply to messages within our working hours in 48 hours. If your message is about an existing order you have just placed and we have not yet sent and it is urgent (for example, you put the wrong house number) please email us and put MISTAKE + your order number in the subject line. We prioritise these emails when we scan emails before we pack orders. If your message is about anything else shop related, for example you would like to return / exchange something in your order, or you’d like us or order something in, please email us at and include your order number if you have one. If you would like information about classes / workshops / events / parties, please email us at
  • Do you have a physical store I can visit?
    Our physical shop is located in Leeds City Centre in the Corn Exchange Shopping Centre. The full address and a map is available here
  • What are your opening hours?
    Our full shop hours are available on this page here Please check our website or social media for specific holiday opening times.
  • Can I get a refund for goods purchased in-store?
    We encourage you to take your time to browse, try on skates and ask questions so you make informed decisions. Your legal rights include the right to claim a refund, replacement or repair where goods are faulty or misdescribed. In addition to your legal rights, we also allow you to return goods if you simply change your mind. Please return the unused goods in original packaging with the receipt/proof of purchase within 14 days and we will offer you an exchange or a credit note.
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