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Skate Maintenance Workshop  ONLINE
Skate Maintenance Workshop  ONLINE

Mon, 12 Aug



Skate Maintenance Workshop ONLINE

Join Mel for some maintenance time online. Bring all your questions about plates, wheels and anything else skate-related, for this interactive session. Free for Gangster Deluxe website members!

Time & Location

12 Aug 2024, 18:30 – 21:30


About The Event

Time to give your skates a spruce up!  While we find cleaning skates intensely satisfying, it can also be nice to get yourself a cup of tea and sit with others to clean your wheels.  BUT if you have never done this before, or aren't sure of the skaters near you, then join our online session.

Mel will go through how to take apart your skates using various tools clean each part and then put them back together.  If you have any questions about your kit, then it's time to have them answered - it doesn't matter what the question is - if it's niggling you, please just ask.  Remember that you can't know what you don't know!

You'll need all your own tools, as this is an online session.  We recommend a skate tool, adjustable wrench, a screwdriver (optional, depends on your toe stop), Allen key and bearing tool.  A skate tool is enough to get started with.  Our shop has all the tools and suede/vinyl cleaners you may need. Just make sure you allow enough time for us to post them to you.

We will be taking your skates apart, but not cleaning the bearings.  Mel will demonstrate how to remove the bearing shield and what to do for your future reference though.

You'll also need:

Paper towel, old newspaper or microfibre cloth

Baby wipes or access to a sink

If wanting to take your bearings apart - a needle or craft knife, bearing cleaner / acetone, leakproof container, bearing oil/lube

Booking Terms & Conditions:

You are responsible for any work you undertake on your roller skates.  We advise participants to check the warranty on their roller skates to ensure it will not be affected.

Roller Girl Gang accepts no responsibility or liability for any failure in your equipment.

Roller Girl Gang will provide a refund or move your booking if you cancel with more than 24 hours notice from the session start.  You must inform us by email  . We will not accept cancellations by social media direct messenger services. We are sorry that we are not able to refund you or move your booking for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.  If you are unable to attend with less than 24 hours to go, you may sell your ticket on privately.

I have a membership, do I still need to book?

Yes, please still book your spot, as we will need to send you a link.  Please remember that if you are not able to make it, our cancellation policy does still apply.  

Ticket Terms and Conditions:

  • Please check if you are able to hire skates / require your own skates as we do not provide hire skates for every class.​
  • All identities and genders are welcome.
  • We welcome inline skaters.  Skateboards, scooters and heelys are not allowed.
  • You authorise Roller Girl Gang to take photographs and video of the session to share on their website and social media. Please speak to instructors or marshalls at the session if you do not wish your image to be included.
  • Published event times reflect venue availability time - you may be asked to remove your skates up to 10 minutes before the published end time in order for us to clear the venue on time.
  • We are happy to refund/reschedule tickets if you tell us by email more than 24 hours in advance of the class.  Please email  We are not able to accept cancellations via social media DMs.
  • By booking you accept our cancellation, COVID and  respect policies as well as our liability waiver
  • You undertake all activity at your own risk. Roller Girl Gang cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury.

Wellness Policy:

By booking a ticket, we will assume you are well and there are no reasons you should not be roller skating.

It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of conditions which would prevent you from skating.  If you are in any doubt regarding your fitness to skate, please consult a medical professional before booking a ticket.

If you feel you have a reason, medical or otherwise that your skating ability may be impaired, you must inform a member of the RGG team at the start of the session.

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  • Skate Maintenance ONLINE

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