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By Mel @troubleon8wheels

#5newplaces Instagram Challenge

It’s time to take action and grow in confidence my loves.

So many women have said to recently that they have a pair of roller skates languishing in their house, because they feel 'a bit silly' going out to skate.

Well this is no good! You didn't buy a pair of skates only to have them as a home accessory right?

A women with green patterned trousers and a black t shirt is putting on 172 roller skates.

Here is what I believe is happening. Many of us are coming back to roller skating, after a substantial life break. We are learning that it is important to free our inner child and give her exactly what she needs, or there will always be a little bit of us that remains unfulfilled.

Now, in coming back to roller skating, we have a different set of guidelines to live by. We have more responsibilities and therefore greater consequences when things go wrong… Does this resonate?

The FEAR is greater than ever before. Adults don’t bounce. (Well, not off the floor in the way children seemingly do). So, you get your pretty roller skates because it’s something you wanted to start and now, you just can’t seem to find the time to put them on. And they sit in your house, or in your car, you look at them and feel guilty…

Stop. Stop punishing yourself with this negative self talk and let's help each other get out of this rut. Join our free challenge that is running on social media next week, and let’s get out of our comfort zone.

I’m challenging you to go to 5 places that are new to you, and put your roller skates on. That’s it.

You don’t even have to skate in them. Put them on, take a photo and that is it.

Maybe, when you put them on, you may decide you want to stand up. That’s extra.

Maybe, when you have stood up, you may decide to keep them on for a bit and read a book or have a drink. That’s great.

Maybe, the universe will smile on you and there will be no dogs or toddlers near you to distract you, the place will be stone-free and you might even skate. That’s amazing.

A different place every day. Monday August 1st to Friday August 5th. One photo each day, shared to your social media.

It could be:

  • A roller disco you haven’t been to before, there are plenty of these popping up this Summer!

  • A park

  • A tennis court

  • A skate park

  • A path

  • A car park

  • A quiet street

  • Your mum’s house (if you’ve not had skates on there before!)

It could also be other indoor places. What I am definitely NOT asking you to do is to go somewhere that roller skating is not allowed. You know those signs ‘No Cycling or Skateboarding or Rollerblading’ Please don’t try to get by on a technicality. We know they are lumping all wheels together here. We are not encouraging you to challenge any local byelaws or trespassing about skating in order to complete this challenge!

I’m done making excuses for why I’m not growing.

One new place each day, lace up your boots and take a photo. Add your photo to your page and use the #5NewPlacesChallenge

Share this with a friend you would like to challenge!

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