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Annual Summer Skate Picnic 2023 Coming Your Way!

Get ready for an unforgettable day of outdoor skating this summer!

This guide will help you know what to expect and how to prepare for a fantastic experience. So get your picnic baskets and wheels at the ready and let's roll into an amazing day of skating and picnicking.

Track rules:

  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times and accompanied on the hill area by a responsible adult.

  • Helmets must be worn by all track users - just part of Bodington's rules. There are helmets to borrow if you don't have your own.

  • Please do not bring alcoholic drinks as part of your picnic. There is no alcohol on site.

  • No BBQs or any other method of heating food is permitted on site.

  • Please follow the track markings and marshall directions to help us keep everyone safe.

  • We expect folks to skate within their limits. Overtake on the right. Make sure you communicate to the person you are overtaking and give them plenty of room.

  • No headphones on the hill.

  • Wear your brightest, most amazing skate outfit ready to take part in our parade at 3pm!


What can you expect?

The RGG Skate Picnic is being held at one of our favourite outdoor venues- Bodington Playing Fields. The track forms part of the University of Leeds Brownlee Centre, with a one mile loop of high quality smooth tarmac of varying gradients you can practice your skate skills or increase your distance if you are taking part in the RGG Virtual Skate Marathon!

The track will be open from 1pm-5pm with unlimited skating during that time. The grassy field will be home to the Roller Girl Gang pop-up shop, Skate Hire, Creative Workshops, a Wheels Q&A and Skate Clinic. This is also the perfect spot to have your picnic, bring along your own picnic basket (or boot bag - haha) filled with tasty treats, refreshing drinks and mouth watering morsels to enjoy when taking a break from your wheels.

Video tour of Bodington Fields

Beyond this glitz and glam of skating the annual picnic is all about community and togetherness. The friendships formed through a love of skating, the stories exchanged and the echo of laughter is so special. We can't wait to build memories with you all.

The track varies in incline, with areas of level surface on the straight line of the track, to curved areas of gentle incline at the left-hand end of the track loop (see our Bodington Map!) and to a far steeper area, simply known as “The Hill” on the right-hand loop of the track. The varying inclines allow you to explore the track however you feel most comfortable! You can explore the entire loop or you may choose to skate in a gentler area or spend your time working on “The Hill.” Whichever you choose our team are here to support you! Our shop and instructor teams will be hosting a range of workshops, Q&As and activities throughout the afternoon, you can join in with as much or as little as you wish.


Skate & Movement Workshops


1pm: Gates open

Come inside! Find your picnic spot and get your helmet and skates (or skateboard / scooter) ready. We're asking everyone to wear a name sticker this year to help our team spot people for the RGG award ceremony.

1:30pm: Let’s Get Rolling

This workshop is ideal for those who would like support getting started on their roller

skates. We will go over the basics to help you get rolling, using a combination of

instructions, practical demonstrations and hands-on practice by you skaters.

2.15pm: Hill Confidence

Take your skating to new heights at our Hill Confidence workshop!

We know hill skating can be a little daunting to begin with but our experienced team

will provide guidance on body positioning, effective braking methods and control

to help skaters wanting to tackle hills, safely and with CONFIDENCE!

3pm: Roll Out with the Gang - SKATE PARADE for World Wide Roll Out Day

The roll out has to be one of our favourite moments of the event. We encourage everyone to take part, whether you are skating or not, to form a huge line, dancing, waving flags, scarves or streamers. Bring your wings and extra glitter to wear as there will be prizes for the best dressed!

This year we'd love to see an even bigger and better roll out, so let's get brighter and noisier! (imagine a huge conga line on skates! It's pretty epic). We will roll around the loop - the flattest part of the track, and with the best DJ to provide the tunes.

3.15pm: RGG Awards & PIcnic Time

Enjoy your picnic as we learn who has won the different RGG awards.

4pm: Poi Workshop

Finally join Mel for a Poi spinning workshop. Poi spinning is a flow art, you can learn to

patterns with them using your body. Like roller skating it is particularly meditative and

can be done on or off roller skates, a lovely way to finish your afternoon. Bring your own poi, or you can buy a pair of scarf poi for £8 or light-up LED poi for £10 on the day.


Skate Care, Q&As and Creative Activities

led by the RGG Shop Gang

All our skate led activities are included within the cost of your ticket, as are the shops Skate Clinic and the Wheels Q&A. When you are ready for a break on the grass off your wheels, we have a couple of additional workshops you can get involved in! Fan decorating will be taking place in our ‘Self Care Zone’ free to all with the purchase of a fan. Simply scan the QR code to purchase a fan and get decorating!

We will also be having a Tie-Dye Workshop, buy one of our pre-washed tees or bring your own and pay for just the dye. We will show you some different techniques to try and make sure your freshly dyed tee is well wrapped for you to wash at home. Full rinse and wash instructions (from Rit Dye) will be provided. 😊


1:15pm: Shop Open

Come and say hello!

1:30pm: Skate Clinic Open - free

Do you have questions about your skates? Need the gang to give you some info or help

you with your skates? Come and talk to the shop gang! We will be available throughout

the event with our tools at hand :)

1:30pm: Fan Decorating Station Open £5

Available all afternoon, from 1:30pm onwards, come relax, take a break from skating

and personalise your own fan. Fans are available from the shop, with decorating

materials provided by us! A member of the shop gang may pop over and have

a natter or if you'd like some quiet time to chill that's fine too!

2:00pm: Tie Dye Workshop (BYO T-shirt £5 or RGG T-shirt included £17.50)

Tie Dying has never got more fun, than combined with roller skating and a picnic!

You'll be shown a variety of tie-dye techniques and will come away with your

own mesmerising masterpiece, with aftercare instructions to be able to complete your

tee in the microwave and then washing machine at home.

4pm: Wheel Talk/Q&A - free

If you'd like some extra info on wheels, we've got you covered! From shape, size and

hardness, bring your questions along and we'd be happy to help you out. Our Wheel library will be available through the afternoon if there are wheels you'd like to try out.

4.45pm: Shop closed


Self Care and Safety

Skate Safety

  • Helmets are compulsory at Bodington Fields, all people on wheels will need to be wearing a suitable helmet or they will be unable take part skating!

  • We would recommend all skaters wear suitable pads that they feel comfortable in for outdoor skating.

  • Please check your skates! Before setting off on the track, be sure to complete a quick skate check. Check your wheels and toe stop are secure and that your laces are not frayed.

If you require additional support, the RGG Shop Gang are running Skate Clinics throughout the event to help you with any questions you may have about your kit :)

  • The hill can be a really fun spot to skate on, please do however take care to only go onto areas of the hill you are comfortable skating safely on, as the steepness of the hill can be deceptive. If you would like help building your hill confidence, head to Mel's Hill Confidence Workshop. If you are not confident yet, we recommend skating a little up the hill and cutting across the grass to come down the other side.

  • Should you or a fellow skater take a fall or suffer an injury, please let a member of the RGG Team know as soon as possible. Our trained first aiders will be available to help.

Finally our RGG Skate Marshalls will be available across the track, through the event to help you with any additional queries you may have.

Sun Safety

  • Hydration is key! As the weather may be hot, please ensure you come ready with water. The Roller Girl Gang Shop Team will be selling cold drinks throughout the day and there is also access to free fresh drinking water at the Brownlee Centre just next to the car park should you need a top up.

  • Taking Breaks :) Give yourself chances to cool down off the track. Please be sure the take advantage of all the lovely grass areas to stop, take a break off your skates and replenish your energy. This is the perfect time to have a natter, check over your skates, top up your sun cream and have a snack.

Great things to support your self care in the sun:

  1. Sun Cream

  2. Water

  3. Hat

  4. Derby Ice Towel or a towel you can dampen to place on your skin

  5. An Umbrella for some shade

  6. A Fan

  7. Loose Clothing


Available on site:

On site, there is access to fresh water for refilling your water bottles, the Roller Girl Gang shop gang will also be there and will have cold soft drinks for sale. Bodington has a car park but there is also on street parking leading up to the entrance of the car park, should it get full.

Inside the Brownlee Centre there are toilets and changing facilities, as well as a changing room should you require it. If you have any trouble finding what you need please ask a member of the RGG Team for help.


Come Join the Gang for RGG's Summer Picnic 2023!

We can't wait to see you there.

Roller Girl Gang xoxo

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