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Feeling the Skate Love at the 5th Annual Valentine's Roller Disco

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

We hold this event to celebrate Roller Girl Gang's birthday. First registered on 14th February 2018, this year she is 6!

The Valentine Disco at Leeds Corn Exchange is an event that has grown over the last few years to become a highlight on our calendar, and this year's event was everything we wanted it to be.

We also hosted a weekend training seminar led by Brian and Mariska from Es Quint Foundation in the Netherlands, teaching Brian's progressive methods. Brian is a highly respected teacher and we are delighted that the first international seminar of 2024 was in Leeds. Skaters from Cornwall to Fife, Paris to New York, came to Leeds to learn with Brian and Mariska. We were on hand to ensure a smooth running of the event and appreciate the love and support from all the attendees in making sure we ended on time and cleared the sports hall ready for other community groups.

We noticed that the atmosphere at our Valentine's Roller Disco was almost playful - there was a very genuine feel for experimentation and vulnerability that was different to other roller discos. Did you attend this year? Let us know what you felt in the comments.

We would like to say a huge thanks to our volunteer skate marshalls - holding a big event like this without people supporting each stage of the process would be very challenging. Our skate marshalls all have different levels of roller skate experience - it is far more important that they can put people at ease and talk to folks than to be the best skaters. In fact, we find that it is reassuring for skaters attending our events to know that our skate marshalls are less experienced.

We'd also like to thank our fabulous shop team for looking after the very busy shop space over the weekend and seeing some very happy folks!

DJ Chambiere has worked with us now for at least 3 years and really understands the skater energy. We appreciate that he has taken direction from us and been open to expanding his horizons. He has also expanded ours.

Finally, the skate community. Amazing people, with like-minded values. We appreciate every single one of you so much. We may forget your names (unless we see you regularly) but we know your skates and your faces, so please do remind us who you are, because you are important.

So, cheers to the journey we've been on so far. Just like roller skating, we've fallen and got back up. But when we get back up, it is with a greater understanding of our balance. Yes, there have been times when we've experimented in business with new things - a bit like skating on a surface you've never tried before - sometimes you realise you're on a slope and you can't get off. Other times you realise it looked smooth, but in fact is gritty. Every time, you are building experience. Every time you learn more about what you enjoy. It is never a waste of your time.

Keep spreading the joy of roller skating. Keep filling yourself with positive energy. The world is a better place for it.

Mel xo

P.S. Is there something you'd love to learn about with us? Drop a reply and tell me what.

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