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Skate & Celebrate: New Children's Adjustable Skates Release!

After waiting and waiting for our favourite children's adjustable skates to be available again, but no signs that they are due to re-stock, we have decided to find new favourites.

We are delighted to offer our youngest skaters adjustable skate options in these awesome designs from SFR. Out with the old, rollin' in with the new to RGG, SFR adjustable skates in sizes UK Junior 8-11, 12-2 and 3-6.

The SFR adjustable skate comes in 2 different styles: Flower and Ninja! (They have cute lil' designs on too!). The high cuff and hard outer shell will give ideal support and stability, which make them great for the fearless. One of the biggest highlights of these skates is that they adjust to a range of sizes, meaning the skate grows with your little one.

The wheels have a hardness of 82A: 54mm in diameter. In simple terms, this means they are perfect for indoors and outdoors, quite soft so they absorb any bumps but not too soft that they cause so much friction. The wheels are interchangeable so you can change to those exciting light up wheels (just make sure they're the same size such as these which pair perfectly with the SFR's -> PRE ORDER Rio Roller Light up Wheels | Roller Girl Gang ).

We also have new SFR children's pad sets in to pre-order along with the boots. Usually £13.99, if purchased with a pair of skates, these pad sets are only £10 extra. Protective skating gear is a must-have for young skaters venturing into the world of roller sports. The two chosen colours match nicely with the SFR adjustable skates (but of course they can be mix and matched, we don't mind!). They also have adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

Gear up your little ones for boundless skating enjoyment and watch them roll effortlessly into countless unforgettable memories.

Until Midnight on the 17th of March 2024, we are offering 10% off with the code: NEWSFR

We will be placing our first order for these skates next week - if you would like to get your boots ASAP, please order soon!

We look forward to getting the Gang of all ages rolling safely - thank you for your continued support.

RGG xox

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