Discoblox Grind Slide Blocks


Proud to be the first to stock Discoblox in the UK, this 'coping meachanism' designed to fit any rollerskate plate! Designed by Disco Steward, Australian pro vert ramp skater, these have been designed for easy installation. Having undergone extensive trials over many years, they are mega-durable. #Discoblox will support sliding, stalling and dropping in on coping and are suitable for ramp and bowl skaters of any level.

Available in white or black.

Measure the distance between the inside faces of the kingpin to determine which size bar will fit. See the sizing charts to find out the size you require.

Plates with a radius (for example Reactor, Revenge and Rival plates) will require an additional radius king pin kit to fit.


The following plates are suggested for Lowrider Disco Blocks (by Disco!)

  • Powerdyne - Reactor
  • Powerdyne - Reactor Pro
  • Powerdyne - Reactor Fuse
  • Rival
  • Sunlite
  • Pilot - Falcon


Custom blocks need to be made for (the mounting bar is custom made):

  • Ignite (Bont)
  • Roll Line

Should the size or colour you require not be in stock, we are able to add you to our next order. Contact us to place a deposit to secure the exact #DiscoBlox you want! Please allow extra time for shipping from Australia and customs clearance.

Use this product at your own risk.
Roller Girl Gang and Disco Tech will not be held liable for any accident or injury that occurs when using this product.

Size and Colour

Roller Girl Gang, Leeds, United Kingdom


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