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Unique Flowmotion full card deck.


  • SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER; When buying the Flowmotion Carddeck you will get the Sample Snippet of the Backstroke/Superficial as a gift. We will send you a code and link to the Bliss and Balance website for you to download the video training. ( until 31st August 2023) 


This card deck is a one of a kind, must have deck when you are a roller skater or when you like to learn something new about balance. There is some technical information about practices and learning movements.


All based on the Soulful Fitness rollerskate training. There are some clothing and music tips to inspire you and for fun. And last but not least there are 4 little videos for you to download for even more inspiration and to help with your practice.


The Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system is developed by Brian B. Kanhai. His unique combination of being a fanatic martial arts practitioner and student from a young age, his background in fysical therapy, his always growing curiosity of brain functions and how to improve health ( both physical and mental)  and the fact that he was hooked on roller skating since the age of 12, resulted in a brilliant method to teach people how to gain balance on their rollerskates really fast and safe.


If you are based outside the UK, please order directly from the Bliss and Balance Website


Flow Motion Card Deck


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