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The PowerDyne Thrust Nylon black plates with polished metal trucks are hardwearing and durable for an exceptional performance. Accepts adjustable toe stops, toe plugs or a bolt on toe stop. Wheel sizes 57mm, 62mm and 65mm all comfortably fit on this plate.



Reinforced durable nylon plate

15 degree kingpin angle for enhanced power transfer

Metal trucks

Accepts adjustable stops, jam plugs with imperial 5/8" stem.


Choosing your plate size

Please use the size guide to help you select the correct size. Thrust plates are usually 2 sizes smaller than the US boot size. For example a US7 boot would have a size 5 Thrust Plate.

If you get stuck, do drop us a message, using the chat button at the bottom of the page!



Powerdyne Thrust Plate


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