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While many of our customers delight in stripping down their roller skates to learn about the components, plenty of folks do not have the time, knowledge or correct tools to do it themselves. If this sounds like you, or you've bought pre-loved roller skates, why not pop into the shop for a free safety check over, so we can discuss your service requirements.


We recommend your roller skates are serviced regularly, every 3-6 months, depending how often you roller skate.


Free safety check-over and estimate:

before carrying out any fitting or repair.


Any pair of roller skates:

regardless where you bought them.


Thorough servicing:

we get our hands dirty so you don't have to!


Our service does not include any additional parts or return postage. To keep the return postage price down, we will use a recycled box. Parcels will be sent using Royal Mail Tracked 48 as standard.


Bronze Level Service: £15 (while-you-wait)

toe stop checked and tightened as required.

wheels removed; axles wiped clean and wheels replaced.

Service does not include any additional replacement parts.



Silver Level Service: £25 (while-you-wait)

As Bronze level, plus

Bearings removed from wheels, wiped, inside wheel hubs wiped and bearings re-fitted.

Boot will be sprayed with BAMA Magic Protector Spray - suitable for all materials.

Service does not include any additional replacement parts.



Gold Level Service: £40 (overnight)

As Silver level, plus

  • Bearings fully cleaned (if removeable shield, or replaced with Rookie bearings if not).
  • Trucks removed and cleaned
  • Cushions removed and cleaned
  • Fresh feet innersoles provided
  • BAMA magic protector spray can included

Service does not include any additional replacement parts.


Vintage roller skate service:

We recommend a Gold Level Service to get your skates back into rolling condition. We may need to carry out extra work to your skates, or be unable to replace parts due to lack of availability, however we will always quote before carrying out any work.



Toe stop re-threading: £35 (by appointment only)

We can re-thread your imperial 5/8" toe stop using specialised tools we have sourced. Please note that we will evaluate your toe stop before work is carried out.

This service includes removing a stuck toe stop, however, should we need to remove your plate to get the stuck toe-stop out, this will incur an additional charge. We will always check with you before carrying out extra work. Your toe stop threads are fragile, and should be lubricated with grease when your toe stop is fitted, to prevent sticking. Even a petroleum jelly e.g. Vaseline will be helpful.


Fit Slideblocks £15 (while-you-wait) 

We will fit slideblocks for a custom roller skate at the time of building at no extra cost.


Install new cushions £15 (while-you-wait)


Investigate my skate!  £10 per 15 minutes (while-you-wait)

Not sure what is wrong with your roller skate? We will diagnose this for you and quote a repair cost while you wait.  

Roller Skate Services

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Service Level

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