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Skaters' Stories Series - Episode 17: Linda

Updated: May 24, 2023

by Mel Blackwood

Roller Girl Gang's vision is to empower people to roller skate into their most joyful life.

Everyone has a story to tell. We want to learn more about why roller skates are so special to so many people – no matter your age, gender, race, culture or ability. We hope this series inspires you to try roller skating, because roller skating brings us so much joy!

Stories are powerful and even more so when you hear someone's story told directly by them. This project has been very humbling. The very personal things that folks have chosen to share are gifts. You'll see!


Episode 17: Linda

Linda is local to Leeds and has skated with lots of the community groups, as each group meets on different days, so there really is something for everyone! We often hear nostalgic stories in the shop about folks skating when they were younger and we were impressed that Linda decided to do something about it and get herself a pair of skates. Yay!

Linda says "I hadn't skated for about 20 odd years or so. I started when I was little with the metal adjustable skates, then I progressed to rollerboots (as they were known back then). There weren't too many varieties to choose from like there are now! We used to go racing down the hills jumping over the speed bumps and it was just such good fun! I've just always loved roller skating."

Did this conversation make you reminisce about childhood skating or leave you feeling inspired? Let us know in the comments.

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Our mission is to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where all skaters can come to shop, learn and share their love of roller skating with others. We strive to be a valuable resource and safe space for the roller skate community and beyond; to contribute to its growth and success.

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