Tutorial Tuesday: Split Stance

Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday.

This week we broke down split stance, sometimes called a manual, at our Monday night roller dance session.

(Side note: when recording this video, there seemed to be a lot going on in the Corn Exchange, and the squeaky doors were very distracting! I chose to mute the original sound and record a voice over, but let me know if you want to know how squeaky in the comments! )

Step 1:

Drill raising your toe and pushing your heel forward.

Make sure you shift your weight from side to side.

Step 2:

Raise your heel and push your toes back.

Step 3:

Put these together in a little pattern. Heel, heel, toe, toe.

Now try adding in a quarter turn. The turn should be when your feet are close and push the heel to the direction you want to end up in.

Step 4:

Half turn.

Make sure you've drilled the previous steps and have bounce in the middle and good ankle support.

As you bring your feet back to the middle, push your heel across your body in front and round the other way to land on your heel. Use your shoulders to help you turn.

Don't forget to practise turning both ways!

Please tag @roller_girl_gang if you find this useful and try it.

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