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5 Roller Disco Games

Updated: Jan 11

Here are some of our favourite roller disco games. These are tried and tested, provide fun for all ages and will support skaters with skill development, and making friends, without them even realising!

Roller Limbo

Safety first: Skaters must bend forwards, rather than leaning back as in traditional limbo.

Have two volunteers hold the limbo pole - ours is covered with a set of battery operated fairy lights, so everyone can see them in the dark - just over half way around the rink. Our volunteers usually stand facing the oncoming skaters, slowly lowering the limbo pole.

We have a lot of less experienced roller skaters, so we have someone on the microphone reminding folks that it is okay to skate around the pole if you don't want to go under it. Have the volunteers lower the pole in a predictable way - ideally looking for a gap in the skater traffic.

Song suggestion: Low by T-Pain

Equipment needed: limbo pole

Box Tag: Skaters vs Taggers

Safety first: let skaters know the safety rules so they can decide if they want to participate.

The danger point comes when they try to avoid the tagger, and twist away, potentially falling awkwardly.

To play: Have skaters move anticlockwise and mark off one end of the skate space with cones to represent the box. We have a volunteer stand near the box to make sure there is no cheating!

If a skater is tagged, they must go to the box and stay there until released. They can stand in the box and extend one hand beyond the cones to be released. A skater may release a skater in the box by tapping their hand. If they are on their way to the box they are not allowed to release another skater.

Taggers should tag on the shoulder or arms of a skater and taggers should be clearly marked e.g. by wearing a hi-vis vest.

Aim: Taggers are trying to tag as many skaters as possible in the time and get everyone to the box. We usually time limit the game with music. At the end of the game, we ask everyone playing if they have been tagged and make a call about who won - skaters or taggers!

Music suggestion: Mission Impossible theme tune.

Equipment needed: cones


To play: Ensure less confident skaters have plenty of room! When you hear the word 'ghostbusters' in the song, skaters turn around and skate the other way. It's a great way to ensure skaters are used to skating both anti-clockwise and clockwise as well as practising stopping. Watch out at the end when skaters end up doing circles!

Safety tip: Watch that more experienced skaters are being considerate of less experienced skaters.

Music suggestion: Ghostbusters

Equipment needed: none


There are a few different versions of this game.

To play: Arrange skaters in pairs. Skaters will race from end to end of the hall. The skater at the front can duck down, or place their hands on their knees and is not skating. The skater at the back will control the speed. Count down and say go, skaters should race to the other end of the hall and swap positions, then race back. You can keep the game going for longer by having teams of three, so there are two people being pushed and one pusher. Each player should swap places so all get a turn at pushing.

Version 2: Have the passenger at the back being pulled along. You will need a skipping rope or similar with this version. The passenger should be crouched down to give the impression they are sitting in the chariot.

Safety tip: Make sure you leave plenty of space for skaters to stop!

Music suggestion: Theme from Gladiator

Equipment needed: none

Pizza delivery

To play: Each player should have a paper plate and bean bag on it. Players try to knock the paper plate out of other peoples' hand while trying not to drop their own. Players must place the plate flat on their hand. A more challenging game would be with empty pizza boxes. Players are allowed to move in all directions.

Music suggestion: Benny Hill theme tune

Equipment needed: paper plates and bean bags

We also love to play songs at our skate socials that give instructions! Everyone knows these and lots of people often join in.

Our favourites are:

Cupid Shuffle - you only need to be able to count to 4 to join in.

  • 4 counts right

  • 4 counts left

  • 4 counts on the spot

  • 4 counts to turn clockwise and repeat

Candy by Cameo - okay this one doesn't give instructions, but all roller skaters should know this dance. It is a classic end of the night song. The dance is also called the Electric Slide.

Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll by Vaughn Mason This is a rolling 'follow my leader' style dance created by Richard Humphrey. Will add in a video when we find one! The feet do very little, apart from bounce along. We tend to skate fairly slowly, to encourage everyone to join in.

  • Roll hands down and back up x3

  • Wave the right arm forward and back

  • Wave the left arm forward and back

  • Wave both arms forward and back

  • Lean from side to side - slow, slow, quick, quick, quick, then clap in the centre, ready to roll again.


Cha Cha Slide

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Have two volunteers hold the limbo pole - ours is covered with a set of battery operated fairy lights, so everyone can see them in the dark - just over half way around the rink. drift boss

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