Chaya Karma review.


I’m Jenga and I have been skating on Chaya’s karma skates and want to tell you all about it!

Before, I used Chaya Jump skates for the skatepark, but I also play roller derby and use Riedell blue streaks.

The skate boots have a sneaker style with a reinforced heel with Chaya shari plates and cherry toe stops and you can have grind block on them which is asymmetrical.

My first impression when putting on the skates were that they are super comfortable, and not only that, they look COOL! I expected to get blisters from the new skates or rubbing around the ankle but that didn’t happen, after an hour I felt comfortable to do the same tricks that I was doing in my Chaya jump skates.

The skates came with grind blocks on however this was the first time I used these and have no previous experience with grind blocks. I found the grind blocks easy to get used to (once I found my balance) and eager to learn new tricks.

Overall I really enjoy skating in the Chaya karma skates and I have struggled to find anything I don't like about them. The skates were comfortable to break in and get used to, I found I enjoy the look of the skates and the optional addition of the grind block. I like these skates so much I have kept them. :)

Thanks for reading, happy skating!


Jenga recently played on Team Chaya at Euro Derby Con!

Check her out in action in her new skates.

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