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Embracing Autumn as a Roller Skater

From skate care to bad weather skating, to keeping cosy as we get colder and lighting up the dance floor during dark discos, we have plenty of ways to embrace the autumn.


Top Five Skate Items for Autumn

1) Soft Wheels!

2) Light-up Wheels

3) Cosy Hoody

4) Toasty Beanie

5) Skate Pass


Roller Skate Maintenance

Keeping your wheels rolling smoothly, care for your bearings and keep your skates ready to roll over the Autumn.

If you prefer to do this in person, get booked onto our next skate maintenance workshop. You can borrow our shop tools and ask any questions you have :) This quarterly session is included in our Skate Pass membership too!


What skate items are great for giving your skates care?

1) Skate Tools

2) Bearing Lube

3) Bearing Press

4) Suede Cleaning Kit

5) Protector Spray


Skating for Wellbeing Come Rain or Shine

It's so much fun heading out for a skate but what can you do on days when the weather isn't being your skate friend and its not a class day? Why not have a skate in your kitchen using one of our free choreography videos over on YouTube?

If you enjoy learning from your own space, we also have a fantastic series on our Premium Video Channel here! This one-time membership contains everything from getting started with the absolute basics, to improving, intermediate and more advanced skills and tricks.


Wherever you choose to skate this Autumn we hope you have a great time! xoxo

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