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We are proud to be the only UK stockist of these awesome socks! Having tried many, many pairs of socks, these are our favourite - the thick cotton really cushions your foot, while the tube grips your leg without being overly tight. We skate for hours really comfortably.


Tube Socks are: A sock without a heel.

  • 14 Inch Striped Tube Socks are:
  • -Knee high for kids-
  • -Lower calf for most average adults-
  • -Ankle for tall adults-


Skatersocks are:The world's most comfortable cotton sock. Now from Skatersocks-Europe, as well as Skatersocks USA these socks are made in Italy, and are the same super comfy quality of the original Skatersocks USA.

14" Calf length Socks

SKU: 10032803