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The AR2 brings new features and updates from previous AR models.


Please note that we have a good stock of these at the shop, but some sizes are at the main warehouse in the UK, and will take an extra 1-2 days to reach us.  Please contact us in advance if you would like to try a particular size. 


Summer 2023 update: Riedell Roller Skates have recently increased their prices. RGG feel the fairest way of supporting our customers, our suppliers and ourselves at this time is to honour the old prices across Riedell's brands for skates we currently have in stock, but pass on the price increase on anything we have to order in. We remain committed to supporting the high quality equipment made by Riedell and hope they are able to get through the current cost of living crisis. 


Fully custom colours are available (please see separate listing here).

The Antik AR2 Boot is the latest boot innovation to hit the parks and tracks and has been updated with a heap of new features to make your skating dreams come true.

New - Composite Outsole The new AR2 now features a more durable composite outsole that is significantly lighter than the leather outsole of previous AR models.

New - Tongue Padding Antik have switched to a thinner, denser tongue padding material for the AR2 resulting in a tongue that feels more form fitting and less bulky.

New - Liner The boot liner has been updated and is more durable and offers better stability.

New - Graphic The most popular feature of the new Antik AR2 Boot is the updated graphic. It is both modern and edgy, and lends well to customisation!


  • “Dual Sport” product for Park and Derby
  • Full grain leather (black with white graphic)
  • Available in non-leather vegan (Only available in Black or White)
  • Available in custom colours
  • New composite outsole
  • New upgraded microfiber liner
  • New improved tongue padding
  • New toe bumper

Fit – How does the AR2 compare to previous AR models?

The Antik AR2 will fit very similar to the AR1 Blue & Red and AR1 Phantom series as these boots are all made on the same last. Changes to the tongue padding may make the boot feel different and the new Composite outsole could make the arch feel more pronounced with some skaters. However, the old AR1 with the hard toe box is made on a different last with a different shape so the new AR2 will feel and fit very different. 

Antik AR2 boot

SKU: 10033084
  • US Men's size cm measurement
    3 21.6
    3.5 22.1
    4 22.6
    4.5 22.9
    5 23.4
    5.5 23.8
    6 24.1
    6.5 24.6
    7 25.1
    7.5 25.4
    8 25.9
    8.5 26.4
    9 26.7
    9.5 27.1
    10 27.6
    10.5 27.9
    11 28.4
    11.5 28.9
    12 29.2
    12.5 29.7
    13 30.2


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