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Built with love!


Presenting Jester'sDemise roller skates, chosen by our staff for you. Every skate that forms part of this collection will be unique, and we will make sure we offer the best value possible.


All our custom skates are built in-house, using the best quality parts and tested before they are listed. If we aren't delighted with them, they don't leave us!


These Jester's Demise skates are built with

Riedell 135 Suede boots in Tan US11/UK10 £259.95 Hand dyed with Angelus Suede Dye £8.99

Powerdyne Reactor Fuse £134.95

Luminous Black and White Wheels 85a/62mm £59.90 fitted with Rookie Bearings £16.95

Wildbones skull toe stops £25

Derby Laces in MLM £7



Total package price is worth over £522!

Jester's Demise Skates RGG Custom US11/UK10

£365.00 Regular Price
£280.00Sale Price

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