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In the shop, we are overrun with loose wheels at the moment! Help us out by purchasing a four pack of matching wheels, unpackaged and with a little discount :)

Riva red and black 8 sample wheels have been used once, so there are some cosmetic marks on a couple of the wheels, please message the shop for more photos. However, this set includes 8mm bearings! 96A 57mm wheels made for roller dance.

Black Riva wheel set (8 wheels) are brand new, unwrapped. 96Aa, 57mm

Chaya Firebolt skatepark wheels 100A, 58mm are fitted with Wicked bearings (complete set of 8)

🌙moonlight roller skate wheels (set of 8) + bearings (80a)

Loose Wheels

PriceFrom £45.00

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