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Thanks Moxi Roller Skates for choosing our colours for your Mixtape bearings! You need one pack for two roller skates.


Moxi Mixtape Bearings are a two-toned 16 pack of 8mm bearings made for quad roller skates and packaged into a real cassette case. Each package contains 16 purple and teal friction-resistant covers. Lightweight and durable to withstand all types of skating including ramp skating, outdoor skating, rink and even roller derby. The balls are lubricated in the thinnest high-speed oil designed for quad skaters who crave a faster, more durable, and smooth forever roll experience, requiring a fraction of the cleaning that greased ones do. Moxi's Roller Skate Mixtape Bearings are pre-spun before they are packaged so they require no break-in session!


  • High-polished Chrome steel casing and inner races
  • Frictionless Delrin retainers to keep oil in and dirt out
  • Premium precision for exceptional performance
  • Lubricated in high-speed oil for wear protection against corrosion, moisture, and rust
  • Heat treated alloy balls for highest quality roll performance
  • Size: 8mm

Moxi Mixtape Bearings

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