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MOXI Magic Meets the Holy Grail of Comfort and Protection! Moxi Skates and 187 Killer Pads have teamed up to bring you... The SUPER SIX PACK! 187 Killer Pads are a trusted brand by the top skaters in the world and are one of the industry leaders when it comes to safety and protection. The design and craftsmanship has been proven in their Pro Series Pads to optimise fit, comfort and durability, the key points of any protective pads. Features: One of a kind doubled over backs to accommodate for a wider size range Contoured form-fitting design to cradle the knees Superior foam system absorbs hard impacts Streamlines shape and design increases mobility Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort Ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching ensures durability Size specific caps create close contact with pad to minimise bulk


Sizes XS/S Wrist: 6.5 - 7.25" Knee: 12 - 14" Elbow: 8 - 9"

S/M Wrist: 7 - 8" Knee: 14 - 16" Elbow: 9 - 10.5"

L/XL Wrist: 8 - 9" Knee: 16 - 18" Elbow: 10.5 - 12"

Moxi x 187 Super Six Pad Pack

SKU: 10033268
PriceFrom £39.95