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Still, the most trusted name in toe stops, Gumball gets colourful with the addition of six bright new colours: Lime, Lemon, Watermelon, Cherry, Grape, and Mint. In addition to new colours, Gumball will also be offering two different hardnesses.

Need a firmer toe stop for surfaces like parks or asphalt?

Try the new 83A.


Looking for the most control and grip? Stick with the original 75A formula.


Both formulas are offered in long and short stem options. With the exciting changes, there is now a Gumball toe stop for every skater.



• Proprietary rubber blend makes the toe stop great for all surfaces.• Big, long-lasting flat stopping surface• Two available hardnesses: - 75A – For better control - 83A – Better wear properties for outdoor and park skaters• Two available stem lengths: - Long (30mm) – Good for skaters wanting quick access to the awesome stopping power of the Gumball. - Short (18mm) – Good for skaters looking for more clearance for tricks and dance skating.


All Gumball Toe stops are fitted with a 5/8 imperial stem.

New Gumball Toe Stops

PriceFrom £10.00