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August Newsletter Part 2!

We have to start this newsletter with a huge thank you to everyone who attended our first roller disco at Project House.

The vibe was absolutely unreal, we really appreciate everyone for such a great night. All the skaters were so respectful and supportive of each other, our amazing team of coaches and marshalls did a great job as usual- our events just wouldn't be the same without them!

A massive thank you to Project House and their wonderful, friendly team for hosting us in their cool new venue. Don't know about you but we had an incredible time! We just can't wait to skate there again soon...


The Everything Market at Project House

Roller Girl Gang are headed back to Project house (off skates!) on Sunday 27th August to join this fab free event. The Everything Market is an amazing opportunity to support local businesses, come say hello and have a super time. With food, DJs and even a kids area with sensory play and creative crafts available, you can really make a day of it! Tickets are free, so book your free ticket here!

We'd love to see you there :)


Skate Builders

You all know that at Roller Girl Gang we are passionate about roller skates but did you know our team build skates?

We love building high quality roller skates! We send them out with joy, knowing the pleasure they will bring to skaters far and wide. Our RGG Custom Collection provides the best value for custom build skates, as we select all the parts and then we discount the package.

We are sending Wifa boots out to new homes. They are a really popular choice and one of our favourites for RGG Custom builds. As a high quality suede boot, available in three levels of supportiveness and style, the Street Suede, Street Deluxe and Xtreme, offer something different depending on your skate needs.

These boots are comfortable, available in a range of colours and sizes, as well as being amazing value for money.

Have you tried Wifa yet? Let us know what you think!

What is so cool about skate builds is the level of customisation possible. Once you know which boot is right for you, the sky is the limit.

The Riedell Colorlab offers the ultimate level of custom boot. You can select the colour and material of each panel from a wide range of suede, leather and metallic swatches.

For an additional cost you can even add custom embroideries, cut outs and appliqued extras.

Our latest Colorlab to arrive is for the lovely Emma at Roll Happy London. Who has gone for this incredible pink suede and gold metallic combination.

If you have questions about skate builds get in touch with our team, we'd love to help you. Or book a consultation appointment below.

Book your consultation appointment with the team today!


Product Shout Outs

This is newsletters 'Shout Outs' we felt the focus should be on wellbeing and self care. We all have different ways of approaching this! For some of us it's throwing ourselves into Derby practice, having a quiet skate with our headphones on or even taking the time to give our skates a clean. The following products all aim to support wellbeing and bring joy!

We are so excited to be introducing the 'Flow Motion Card Deck' to Roller Girl Gang. It really highlights the relationship between roller skating and mindfulness, which many of us feel but can be hard to articulate. Learning new skills can be both rewarding and frustrating. What is incredible about the Flow Motion deck is the way it helps you to center your learning around the positive and rewarding aspects, whilst supporting you through the more challenging aspects. They have beautiful graphics, making them a lovely gift for any skaters but are filled with wonderful information based on the Soulful Fitness roller skate training. With a combination of fun tips to inspire you and even four little videos for you to download for more help with your practice, we absolutely love this new addition to the shop.

The Positive Planners and Wellness Journals are a fantastic way to track your mood and record your day! The Yellow planners follow a 12 week plan, whereas the orange journal is more open. In the shop our team shares an orange journal, sometimes we can go a couple of weeks without it and other weeks we can find the whole team has used it each day they have been in the shop. It is there to be used as much or as little as we need. It can be a way of setting out our intentions for the day, grounding ourselves or for reflecting on our day.

The Skate community postcard collection came into fruition after our t-shirt art competition last summer. We asked our fellow skaters to send in their designs and inspiration to help us find the next RGG t-shirt design. We know so many skaters are very creative and this forms a massive part of supporting their wellbeing. With so many incredible designs we decided to reach out to our favourite ten to see if they would mind us including their designs in a pack of postcards. Each has the artists information on the back, with 10% of every purchase going to Get Away Girls. What we love the must about these postcards is that as well as enjoy the designs yourself, they are an opportunity to spread some joy by sending one out to another person in your life!


Upcoming Events

If you are yet to get involved in the RGG Virtual Skate Marathon, now is the time! With six weeks left to go, this is a great way to enjoy your skating and track your journey with sweet virtual milestones across Leeds. Whether you're skating indoors or outdoors in or out of the UK, this is a great way to have fun with your skating! You'll even receive a special marathon t-shirt and medal for taking part in this event.

Are you attending Skate Love Barcelona this year and would love to meet other skaters going? This is the event for you, you can ask our team any questions you may have and then head round the corner for some Tapas to get excited and chat all things Skate Love BCN!

Finally look out for our blog post on getting back to class in September, pre-book your classes to avoid missing out!


We hope you're having a wonderful summer! Look forward to skating with you xoxo

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