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Eighth Day of Skate-Mas - Surprise Skate Strap Box!

Eight days of deals, and we're still rolling strong! 🎄✨ Day 8 of our flash sales is here – with an offer for a skate strap, keychain and 6 merit patches 🌟 #RollerSkateDeals #EighthDayThrills

You are welcome to select the colour of the strap and the theme of patches, otherwise we can choose for you.

Pick from skate tricks, skate park skills, roller dance skills, outdoor skate skills or beginner skills.

This is the perfect gift for yourself as you achieve different skate goals, you can sew them onto your skate bag, sweater or skate strap.

Straps are available in a variety of colours

Click here to get your surprise box - perfect for yourself or a skate pal!

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