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Festive Skate Hunt 2021

Updated: Mar 4

Hey gang,

It's getting darker in the Northern Hemisphere,

We are here to spread some festive cheer!

Enough of the rhyming...

This year's festive giveaway comes with a little game. If you have followed RGG for a few years, you may remember this! It's a great way of getting out and about with your roller skates on, joining in with others and celebrating the end of the year.

We are delighted to give away a brand new pair of Luna Skates, they're bringing out a new colour too!

Our competition will be open until Christmas Eve and winners will be announced New Year's Eve. You are still welcome to play after the closing date, but your posts will not be counted towards the prize.


There is one prize for a pair of roller skates, in the winner's choice of size and colour.

There will also be category prizes - we are not going to tell you when these are being announced, but we will do one a week.

The Game:

We will be sending out copies of this leaflet with all our orders, until they run out. You can also screenshot the game card.

We want you to take a photo of your skates (or you) to suit each category. For example, you could be wearing a hat, gloves and fluffy sweater for your 'cosy skate' or you could take a picture of your skates in a pet bed!

We need to see six different pictures, and in the spirit of the game, try to be as creative as possible! Skates need to feature in every picture.

Terms and conditions:

*Please post on Instagram. Your account needs to be public so we can view your entry. If you do not have instagram, you can still enter. Please email your six photos to before the deadline.

*tag @roller_girl_gang and #RGGFestiveSkateHunt to have your entry counted.

*One photograph per category.

*Roller skates must feature in every photo.

*Competition open to worldwide.

*Winner will receive one pair of Luna Skates in their choice of size and colour.

*Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.

*We will post the roller skates and category prizes anywhere in the world, however we cannot pay any import charges.

*Prize winner will be notified via Instagram DM from our account. We will never ask for money, please protect your personal and financial details.

*This giveaway is not associated with Instagram.

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honey hive
honey hive
Dec 04, 2021


honey hive
honey hive
Dec 03, 2021

Love this. Posted and tagged my first post this morning

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