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Friday Night Social - More Skate Time from October 2023

We are thrilled to be adding an hour to our weekly roller disco. Friday Night Social is our weekly wind down and provides an alcohol-free space for adults to chat and skate in Leeds. We hold this event at the Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre LS7 3AP. There are good public transport links and a free car park directly outside the building. It is about 20 minutes walk from Leeds Corn Exchange.

New time from October 2023: 7.30pm - 10.30pm

Tickets £10 entry only // £13 entry + skate hire

We will also be making the following changes:

  • Seating placed in the hallway for skaters wanting to take a break or need a quieter space. Please be aware that there are times that other rooms in the building are in use, (which is beyond our control.) At these times, we will still place a few chairs directly outside the hall door.

  • We will trial the main hall lights off and replace this with spot lights and disco lights. We always put disco lights on as slow moving or static where possible.

  • Music volume will be quieter for the first 45 minutes and then be turned up a little, following the first direction change.


Friday Night Social timetable (all times are approximate)

7.30pm - doors open

8.15pm - change direction // volume slight increase

8.30pm - Skate game - sit down if you don't want to take part

9.00pm - intermediate speed skate - for those practising crossovers and going faster. Must be able to fall safely, without endangering others

advanced speed skate - for those able to skate using full crossovers

Please keep intermediate level for folks who want to try out the speed skate - you may not consider yourself advanced, but within our space you actually are ;)

9.30pm - optional skate game // change direction

10.00pm - change direction

10.20pm - last song for hire skates / wheel library users

10.25pm - last song for for folks with their own skates.

10.30pm - home time!

We very much appreciate the consideration skaters have for each other at Friday Night Social. It's important that we keep this space feeling safe for everyone and beginner friendly - we were all beginners once!

We also appreciate you stacking your chair and helping us to clear the hall promptly at the end of the evening.



I have never roller skated before - is FNS for me?

We welcome folks of all skill levels, including folks with very little or no experience. Our skate marshalls are more than happy to give you tips to get started, but are not able to provide any kind of tuition beyond this. Please come to Skate class on Sundays if you'd like a better breakdown of movements.

What size hire skates do I need?

We recommend you ask for your regular shoe size. If you try skates on and they're not right for you, we are happy to swap them. Our skate hire is available in full sizes only, from UK 3 - UK 15. You no longer need to book a specific ticket to tell us what size you require.

How do I book?

Please book your ticket in advance on our website on the 'Skate with Us' page. You either need an entry ticket or an entry + skate hire ticket.

I have a Skate Pass, do I still need to book?

Yes, please still book your spot for FNS, and have your digital Skate Pass ready to show at check-in. Please remember that if you are not able to make it, our cancellation policy does still apply.

I can't come now, and it's less than 24 hours notice, can I swap my ticket to another week?

Unfortunately not. We think our 24 hour policy for refunds or rescheduling sessions is pretty fair, considering we are a very small business. However if you can't come, you CAN sell your ticket on to someone else. We have a FaceBook group Roll With the Gang for exactly that.

Can I bring my own refreshments?

Yes of course. We want to keep this skate space alcohol free, so ask you do not bring alcohol to consume on the premises, including the car park. If you bring your own water bottle, we are able to refill this for you for free. We also have a small selection of soft drinks for sale. Should you spill your drink, please let a marshall know straight away. Please make sure you are not eating and drinking while you skate, that includes chewing gum.

Can I wear my own headphones?

While we do our best to cater a wide mix of music that will suit most people, we appreciate that you may prefer your own music. It is fine to wear your own headphones, however you must be extra vigilant and fully aware of folks around you. If we feel you are not being considerate of other skaters or you miss instructions from our skate marshalls, we will ask you to remove them.

I wear inline skates, can I come?

Yup. We welcome all wheely-booted folks.

I don't identify as a girl, can I come?

Absolutely! Roller Girl Gang was founded and is run by women, with the support of our fantastic volunteer team, to provide better access to roller skating for all genders and identities, especially marginalised folks.

What do I do if I have a problem?

Please speak to one of our skate marshall volunteers, who wear purple t-shirts. If they are unable to help you, they will find our lead skate marshall, who will do their best to assist. We have a Respect policy in place to keep everyone feeling as safe and supported as possible. In case of accidents, we always have at least one trained first aider in the room.

Can I collect my shop order from FNS?

You absolutely can, providing you have made the order with sufficient time for the team to plan this. You can contact the shop directly on +44 7479 430404 .

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