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Hey, are you going to roller skate class this Sunday?

We specialise in supporting folks with little or no experience on roller skates, rolling confidently. Our approach is highly different from any class you may have experienced before.

Our classes are adult only spaces as we know that younger skaters tend to have less fear of falling (well, they are closer to the ground!) Whatever level of roller skating you have, we have something to support you.

We also know that an adult only space supports folks to make and meet skate pals and cheer each other on! All genders and identities are warmly welcomed. We try not to assume anyone's pronouns, but do correct us if we make a mistake.

Sound good? Read on to choose the class that suits you.

Excited already? Head straight to our classes page and get something booked!

All our classes are held at the Ramgarhia Sikh Centre Sports Hall. LS7 3AP

What 3 words: models.wonderfully.rate


Roller Skate Fundamentals for Beginners aged 17+

Have you ever wanted to try out roller skating? Or maybe you enjoyed skating years ago and would love to re-introduce it to your life? Our beginner class may be the one for you.

Our instructors split the class into two groups and invite you to join the area of the room that you feel is most suitable for where you are in your journey right now. One space for our more confident skaters who may have attended a few times and the other is for new skaters or anyone who would like a little more support.

In this session we start right from the beginning with a kit check, making sure you are confidence that your protective equipment is on and secured correctly. We help you with all the fundamentals, from how to stand up on wheels, to getting moving, stopping and falling safely. Hire skates are available, so there is no pressure to commit to purchasing roller skates, giving you the chance to give it a good try and see if you enjoy the experience.

Other skills overed include: starting to skate backwards, starting to turn corners, starting to transition, starting to T-stop.

We are often asked by worried folks that they are too old. We say never! We've had a couple in their early 70s at our skate classes!

Still unsure? Check our YouTube video for a sneak peek.


Skate Skills Workshops

You've got the fundamentals down and now you're ready to start building up your skate skills?

Our Skills Workshops change week to week, going over key skills such as t-stops, cross-overs, speed skating, skating around cones, rolling backwards, turning around, jumping, getting more confident outdoors and so much more!

By now, you've proba my realised that roller skating takes much more practise than any other skill you've tried to learn...

Our experienced coach team will guide you through skills from the beginning to whatever level of challenge you need ;) We want to give you the most effective teachniques that took us years of roller skating to unlock, so you can learn the same things, faster.

This class aims to push you out of your comfort zone into the growth zone! Don't worry if you feel like the 'worst one there' we will remind you it's all about experience. Just work at your level - it's all good.


Roller Dance Classes

Roller Girl Gang loves roller dance! If you want a little taster, why not check out the dance tutorials on our YouTube page or if you're a member of our website check the Members area.

As well as being a really fun way to experience roller skating, roller dance is also an amazing way to build up your general roller skating skills. You'll be so busy grooving along, you won't even realise that all aspects of roller skating have improved! Roller dance combines the physicality of roller skating with the artistic expression of dance through rhythm and music!

We specialise in supporting folks who have very little experience to gain confidence and control through roller dance.


We'd love to help you control your roll so you're ready for a Summer of Skating! xoxo

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