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Rolling into April 2024 - What's On?

With the Easter Holidays in full swing, lighter nights are finally here, so it's time to get ourselves outdoors!

We are celebrating this with our popular Outdoor Confidence skate skills class on Sunday 7th April.

This session is for anyone wanting to learn the specific techniques that we know will support you to feel more confident to explore beyond 4 walls! As with all our sessions, this is about supporting skaters from where they are.

We cover everything from controlling your speed on slopes, to the practicalities of what to pack in your skate bag.

We strongly recommend having your own kit, so you can get used to it. We've got a lovely selection of good quality skates in the shop - bring your fully stamped loyalty card for 10% off and some VIP treatment! (In store only)

Remember you can order online for collection at any session - just give us 24 hours notice.

Let's follow this with an outdoor meet-up at The Tetley next Wednesday evening. All levels welcome, you will need all your own equipment.

We would like to say a huge thank you for supporting our Learn to Skate classes on Sundays - we have never seen a response like it and we've been running classes in Leeds since 2017!

We're really proud of the wonderful coach team who learned to roller skate as adults and fully understand what it feels like to start. Out of your depth, wondering if you're the only one who can roller skate, who else will be there and how old will they be (we all worry about being the oldest person in the room). These thoughts are difficult to let go of and we're so impressed with everyone who has the courage to book, show up and then COME BACK!

Still two sessions to choose from - 2.30 - 4pm and 4 - 5,30pm.

As the weather improves, make sure you get booked on so that you can get out for Spring!


FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL has taken on a personality of its own.

We're not quite sure when this happened, but it seems that our beloved weekly wind-down, FNS, has become a bit of a destination. We hear folks chatting about it when they go past our shop in the Corn Exchange "I've been to this roller disco and it's great," and it's been mentioned in What's On Leeds, Independent Leeds and the Leeds List at various times.

Maybe it's because such a mix of people attend? Maybe it's because it's an alcohol free space?

Maybe it's because people want to do something different?

What do you think?

We very much appreciate the people who come and recognise that the space is intended to be suuuuuppppeerrrrrr chillllllllll. Slower and steady, just unwind and relax on wheels. Now, if you have less experience, we understand that relaxing is hard, but we won't stop trying!

We are delighted to bring James aka DJ Doghouse Disco, back for another top mix on Friday 12th April, so make sure you get your tickets! If you don't fancy being on skates for the full session, you are totally welcome to take your skates off and dance in the middle or at the ends of the hall. Just keep the flowing part of the 'rink' for skaters only.

We never quite know how busy FNS will be until it starts! Our epic volunteer skate marshalls are there to support you if you need it. Everything from 'which way do wrist guards go' to 'I don't know how to move' aka getting started tips, to ensuring folks stay safe during our speed skate.

For a mix of RnB, 90s, disco, funk, hip hop, afro, fusion and more - you know where to go!

P.S. If our music isn't to your liking, you are welcome to wear your own headphones, however you must be aware of others moving around you. If our team believes you are moving in a way that puts others at risk, we will ask you to remove your headphones.

Thanks for understanding.

FNS is an adult roller disco, for all levels and genders of roller skater. 17 year olds are welcome to attend with their adult.


We currently have one Family Friendly Learn 'n' Roll session each month. We are planning to hold more sessions this year - make sure you are following us so you get all the announcements!

Thank you for continuing support Roller Girl Gang as we support folks to roll into their most confident and joyful lives.

We are delighted that you have chosen us to be part of your roller skate journey.

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Yukia Nanilas
Yukia Nanilas
18 hours ago

It is with much pleasure that we accept your invitation to accompany you on your roller skate adventure run 3

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