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Skater Creative Market 18th November 2023

We are delighted to host a market of creative skaters - all these creatives are at different points on their roller skate journey, from skate curious, through to seasoned skater! Take some time out and put the joy back into shopping by gifting beautiful and unique art pieces. It is vitally important that we support this creativity and hold space for connection.

In the same way that roller skating is a hidden talent - you only know someone is a skater if they are actually doing the activity - creativity is also often hidden. We love to celebrate creativity in all its forms, so join the artists with drawing, zine making, henna and a whole lot more.


Drop-in Workshops with these Skater Creatives

Drop-in workshops do not require pre-booking!

RollJiggy - Personalised Mindful Drawing powered by skate music

Created by Connie - Browse the beautiful designs Connie has drawn then have them applied to you!

Ourisuals - an open space to cut, stick and fold freely, creating your own mini zine as a way to express and share how you relate to yourself, others and the world around you. This includes a gentle invitation to explore the theme around neurodivergence/mental health and well being in any way you like. If you’ve never heard of a zine before, don’t worry. This is a space for your to try something new and do whatever feels right :)

Henna by Praj - Have henna applied, or buy an ornament, glass decoration or bottle to take with you.

Art by Sarah - Watch as your pet takes form before your eyes or have a go yourself. Also prints and cards for sale.

We'd love to help our workshop leaders plan, so please book a free ticket!


Shop with these Skater Creatives

These Skater Creatives are working hard to bring you a fabulous selection of gifts for you, your friends and family and your home.

Keep it Bright

Zara says "My brand Keep It Bright is a positive lifestyle brand, which i started back in 2007 - it's a one-woman-brand that aims to uplift, empower & encourage, through my various creations from clothing to home decor, books to stickers!"

Elsie's Little Studio

Lou says "I am the proud owner of Elsie's Little Studio. Fuelled by my immense love for crafting and skating, I harnessed all my passion and creativity to establish a business that radiates quirkiness and positivity. I am Autistic and so I truly understand the transformative power of indulging in these delightful activities. My ultimate goal is to sprinkle a little extra sparkle into your everyday journey, making sure you feel your absolute best."

Lou will have a wide selection of lace charms and decorations for sale.

Saba Siddiqui

Saba says "I started skating during lockdown and still am a complete beginner because I fall down so much and I love my skates. They have a tiger on them which is a lot more fierce and brave than I am!"

"As a young woman of colour, I take all of my experiences into my artistic practice to tell stories. I mainly make Lino prints of designs and patterns inspired by natural forms and my cultural heritage. I'd describe my work to be a burst of colour, pattern and texture. The prints come in several different sizes and are all handprinted originals."

Roots and Sap

Meg says "I did once own a pair of Groovy Chick skates when I was little!"

"My artwork aims to celebrate and dismantle societal concepts around periods and Vulvas. Tackling taboos one colourful vulva at a time! A safe space for everyone to enjoy."

There will be a selection of original artwork including prints, postcards and framed art for sale as well as a donation station for period products.

Fresh Sqzd

Katy says "I'm a Leeds-based roller skater and illustrator who LOVES all things sweet & nostalgic. My work is all about putting playful twists on happy memories from 'back-in-the-day', fusing together old-school print techniques and textures with digital art. Roller skating has unlocked a happier, care-free version of myself, and I want to explore that same feeling in my art! I will be selling prints, stickers and bags, with a range of skate-related and some juicy original artwork. Exciting stuff! <3"

AM Designs UK

Amy says "From a young age I remember crafting. I love the fact that the possibilities were endless and everything you make can be unique and personalised. I stumbled across roller derby when I was 19 and fell in love with this too."

"Now, I have merged the 2 together. I create merch for the roller derby community, including custom name patches and stickers, which can be purchased through my Etsy."

Amy will have gifts, patches, keyrings bracelets and some Christmas surprises available.

June Reynolds Photography

June says "My photographs and cards are mainly from my travels abroad (55 countries) and are an eclectic mix."

Her work has been featured in some national publications, like this photograph in The Telegraph newspaper.

We look forward to welcoming you to a day of creativity and putting the joy back into seasonal shopping.

Book a free ticket below!

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