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Want to journal about your roller skate journey? We find that keeping a little record of your progress supports your mental wellbeing as you realise how far you've come. We have also added some space to keep a record of things you may be working on, as we know you head to the skate park or the rink and forget!


COMPLETE BINDER: You will receive the complete mini-binder with all the pages that make up the journal. You will also receive a set of our hair pins. Pen and pencil will be included while stocks last. If you would like the accompanying merit patches that go with the binder, you will find them here.


Month 1 - Skate Explorer (outdoor)

Month 2 - First Aid Expert (community)

Month 3 - My First Drop In (skate park)

Month 4 - Crazy Legs (roller dance)

Month 5 - Skate Explorer (outdoor)

Month 6 - Clean Skate Park (community)

Month 7 - Plate Stall (skate park)

Month 8 - Downtown (roller dance)

Month 9 - Supermarket Skater (outdoor)

Month 10 - Each One Teach One (community)

Month 11 - Airs (skate park)

Month 12 - Snakewalk (roller dance)

Complete "My Roller Skate Journey" Journal

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£20.00Sale Price