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Roller Skate Plate Comparison

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

by Mel

We get asked a lot of questions about roller skate plates, so have taken everything we know and tried to give you some information below.

Roller Girl Gang is a fully independent business - we are not sponsored. Everything we trial is purchased then tested. Due to this, we stock a very small range of plates! In the case that we have not been able to test something ourselves, we go to a handful of very trusted friends, including Retro Rollers in Canada and Good Foot Skates in Texas for their opinions.

Otherwise, all opinions in this blog post are our own. We accept that different skaters will have different views.

In order to compare, we have considered only standard mounts, with plates that would fit UK6 / US7. Where weight is given, this is the weight for ONE complete plate, including trucks and cushions (not axle nuts)

Prices are correct as of March 2022, but there may be price rises in the future. Where we decide to stock a wider variety of plates in the future, this post will be updated.


Think about these first

When you are considering a plate that is best for you, ask yourself the following:

  • Where do you skate? We would recommend a metal plate for the skate park or higher level skaters. If you just want to pootle about recreationally, any plate will be fine.

  • How do you skate? If you like jumping, this will put more stress on the plate - a strong metal plate is recommended. If you want to be higher for longer, choose a lighter plate.

  • What is your body type? If you consider yourself to be a heavier person, a strong metal plate will give you peace of mind that your plate will withstand all the skating.

  • What kind of boots and wheels do you use? If the boots or shoes you plan to use do not give the support you need, no plate upgrade will improve your skating. If you like large wheels, make sure the chosen plate can be used with all wheels. The plates listed below will fit wheels of all sizes, apart from the Lo-Ride.

  • Does colour matter? Only you know this!

  • Do you have a price in mind? We always say to buy the best you can afford.

  • Will you be adding any other significant weight to your skate? For example, extra wide trucks or slideblocks? Consider this additional weight with your plate. The total blocks + metal plate can be an extra 1kg without the wheels!

Knowing what you want will make your decision a little easier.


Powerdyne Plates (by Riedell)


The Thrust plate is an introductory plate, used on many of the Riedell roller skates, including the Moxi Lolly, Riedell Boost and Crew skates (120 boot) and new Antik SkyHawk skates. It is a pretty plain looking plate, made in black nylon, but blends into the background. However, It is also cheap, strong and fits all wheels we stock (up to 65mm). Some plates on entry level roller skates only allow wheels up to 62mm on the plate - there is not enough clearance for a larger wheel. The largest wheel that comfortably fits the stock metal plate on the Rookie Artistics and BUMPs, Beach Bunny and Moonlight skates is 62mm.

Size: the plate and boot size do not match. Usually the plate is 2 sizes smaller than the US boot size. UK 6 / US 7 plate is size 5.

Weight: 435g

Kingpin angle:15 degrees

Price: £54.95

Powerdyne Reactor Series

These are the only plates (that we know of) that have the same plate number as US boot size. This makes choosing a standard mount easy - pick the same number! All the Reactor plates have the Allen key nut for toe stops.

Fuse - this is the lightest and cheapest plate in the series. It is black and boxy looking. Choose this if you want light and very strong, but are not bothered about looks. It is a nylon plate that has been fibreglass reinforced.

Size: 7

Weight: 376g

Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £129.95

Neo - aircraft grade aluminium and it is strong. Mel's Neo plate has been skated on for 7 years, mounted on 3 different boots and looks great and functions perfectly. In that time the cushions have been replaced, but nothing else.

Size: 7


Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £269.95

Pro - anodised and a steely blue colour, with holes cut out, it is as beautiful as it is functional. The trucks have adjustable pivot arms too. Slightly lighter than the Neo. Expect this plate to last a lifetime.

Size: 7

Weight: 424g

Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £299.95

Arius - soft gold colour, this plate has been completely reimagined and has no kingpins. Instead, adjust the action of the trucks using butterfly cushions. Major drawback to this plate (for the recreational user) are the short axles, so only slim wheels with a flat back will fit. However, if you are an experienced skater and ready for a very responsive plate, then this is a good shout. A very good shout. Suggested use: flat ground, dance, roller derby. Not ideal for ramps.

Size: 7

Weight: 368g

Truck angle: 45 degrees

Price: £399.95


Sure Grip Plates

Very popular with park skaters, this was tried and tested by trusted skaters, as during the pandemic it was almost impossible to get hold of! It is now slowly becoming more available. This is a distinctive white powder coated plate. Has hollow kingpins to help keep the weight down (compared to Avanti Aluminium) Cons - the powder coating chips fairly easily and it is very heavy compared to all other plates in this blog post.

Size: Usually 2 sizes smaller than your US boot size. Size 5 plate for a US7 boot.

Weight: 474g

Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £199.95

Very exciting looking plate for sliding. Pair with Fo Mac wheels for a completely different experience on skates. Look to the Cali-Slide for movement inspiration. Largest wheels that fit are 57mm ones. No toe stop!

This plate comes with additional risers to fit the 57mm wheels.

Size: Usually 2 sizes smaller than your US boot size, but you could go even shorter! Plate size 5 for US7 boot.

Weight: 398g

Kingpin angle: 45 degrees

Price: £220


Classic forged aluminium plate for beginner artistic and recreational skaters. Strong and durable, with an offset toe stop. FYI the photo below shows the no toe stop (NTS) version of this plate.

Size: Usually 2 sizes smaller than your US boot size. Plate size 5 for US7 boot.

Weight: 490g

Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £129.95



Ever popular, super strong and recognisable plate, due to its patented design. This plate has been made for over 30 years and is still going strong. Please be aware that while this plate carries a lifetime guarantee, it is the lifetime of the skate, not the lifetime of the skater! This plate has been designed for recreational rink and outdoor roller skaters. Using the plate in this way will prolong its life. This plate has not been designed for the skate park and using the plate in this way will significantly shorten its life. Additionally, retrofitting slideblocks adds stress points to the plate, making the warranty invalid. If you are an intermediate or advanced level park skater, we suggest you use a stronger aluminium plate, that can withstand the high impact jumps, slides and falls your equipment will sustain.

Size: Usually 2 sizes smaller than your US boot size. Plate size 5 for US7 boot.

Weight: 408g

Kingpin angle:10 degrees

Price: £78.95


Atom Plates

Available in a number of colours, this is a hidden gem of a plate. It is extremely lightweight, strong and the 16 degree angle is a fantastic stepping stone on from 10 degree kingpin angles. A higher angle makes the plate more responsive, but less stable.

The price is also truly fantastic for a plate of this quality!

Size: 5.75 to fit UK6/US7

Weight: 364g

Kingpin angle:16 degrees

Price: £220 or upgraded trucks for £240


Thank you for reading, we hope this information has been useful.

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