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About Roller Girl Gang:

Roller Girl Gang have run fully booked learn to roller skate courses for adults for 4 years, and regularly had 60-80 people attend the range of classes offered (before lockdown!).  Our qualified skate coaches design progression into all the skate sessions, and are also on hand to offer guidance and feedback to ensure our participants make the best progress.  We value co-operation over competition, so our classes are skills based and lots of fun! We are proud of the community we have built and how each person in our community inspires other people to learn to roller skate.

It is humbling to have participants tell us "I’ve achieved more than I thought possible," and hear about the effects that increased confidence brings to other parts of their lives.  Even better, many of the participants from our Skate Fundamentals course choose to continue their skate journey with us by attending our intermediate class, roller dance class, skate park sessions or just by coming along to roll-outs, meet-ups and events. 

Why are we a girl gang? Len and Mel founded RGG to empower womxn to use skate parks, as traditionally, these are male-dominated environments. As working mums, we also wanted to show that roller skating is a sport within reach of many, (once you have the basic skills,) the world is your oyster! Everyone is welcome to skate with us, we simply expect respect.  Read our Respect policy here.


We are just happy to be part of your roller skate journey.        xoxo

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Roller Girl Gang, Leeds, United Kingdom